Captain the Pomeranian: Diva with a big heart

Captain loves running around the park, chasing all the neighbourhood cats away.

Imagine being such a diva that you expect to be carried up and down the stairs. Yet this is what Captain, an adorable five-year-old Pomeranian expects of Melanie Tan whenever she’s at home.

He’s a playful little boy bursting with happiness and excitement from sunrise to sundown. They first met in a pet store.

Melanie says she and Captain had an instant connection when they met all those years ago at a pet store.

“We had an instant connection from the moment he tried chewing my shoelaces,” Melanie says, making the decision then and there to bring him home and share her life with this furry ball forever.

“He is a diva with a big heart,” Melanie says, explaining how Captain is so protective over his fur-sister Maggie that he whines sadly if she ever gets a scolding for being naughty. He also cries if Maggie is left behind while he is taken for a walk.

(L): As a tiny, happy pup. (R): All grown up and somewhat mellow.

The “captain” of his neighbourhood, he loves chasing cats whenever he spots one. But being somewhat short on stamina, the cats always out-run him.

Unperturbed by this minor setback, Captain hastily executes Plan B. Rationalising that it’s better to conserve energy rather than expend it, he sits down instead and just barks his head off until the cats slink out of sight.

(L) Looking handsome and fluffy. (R): Looking smart and serious after a trip to the groomers.

When he isn’t flexing his muscles telling off the feline residents of his neighbourhood, Captain gets busy flexing his brain cells instead.

A quick learner, he knows a string of commands including sit, stay, lie down, come and sleep. Now how’s that for smarts!

Speaking of sleep, Captain loves to sleep not on a doggie bed or the sofa or the floor for that matter, but on Melanie’s face. “He loves cuddling up on my shoulder and eventually falls asleep on my face,” Melanie says affectionately about her beloved Pom-Pom.

Enjoying the privacy of the park after having chased all the cats away.

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