Astronaut teaches us how to survive Covid-19 quarantine

Thomas Pesquet. © all rights reserved.

PARIS: French spaceman Thomas Pesquet, who knows perhaps better than anyone else in France what it’s like to live in tight, quarantined quarters, has created a Twitter tutorial on how to survive a lockdown.

As of noon Tuesday, France follows in the footsteps of Italy and Spain and will be put under a strict lockdown for at least 15 days.

In France, there is perhaps no one more qualified to school the public on how to coexist peaceably with others in tight quarters — with no escape hatch — than astronaut Pesquet.

His first tip (the video is in French but it doesn’t take a rocketman to figure it out) is to do some digital decluttering.

Pesquet, for instance, said he will be cleaning out his digital photo album and posting them on social media.

He also shows off his personal library and says he’ll likely catch up on his reading, revisit some classics and advises families with kids to try their hand at model rockets and space stations to pass the time.

And when it comes to confinement, he shows off a sleeping bag he’s mounted in his closet to replicate the experience of sleeping vertically in space, saying he’s no stranger to tight quarters.

All that leads to his public service announcement, echoing the instructions of government officials and appealing to the French to stay home.