Canon EOS R5 to offer cutting-edge photography, videography

The Canon EOS R5 © Courtesy of Canon.

TOKYO: Canon is preparing to make a major splash with its pro-sumer hybrid, the EOS R5, which will offer cutting-edge photography and video features.

With a view to putting paid to rumours, the Japanese manufacturer has communicated some of the technical specifications of its future camera. The new hybrid body will be based on the EOS R System.

With regard to video, Canon has shown its determination to take on the competition with a previous announcement to the effect that the EOS R5 will be able to record up to 30 frames per second in 8K, using the full width of the sensor.

In addition, the camera will provide dual-pixel CMOS autofocus in all modes, including 8K video. Canon has even announced a special mode for shooting animals, which will enable the EOS R5 to distinguish dogs, cats and birds, based not only on detection of their eyes, but also on tracking of their heads and bodies in cases where their eyes are not visible.

In terms of photography, the EOS R5 also promises to be particularly impressive, with a frame rate of 12 fps in mechanical shutter mode and 20 fps in electronic shutter mode.

The device will also feature a new in-camera image stabilisation system, which will work in combination with the lens stabilisation system.

Finally, with regard to content delivery, Canon promises to automatically transfer images to its cloud service, thus reducing the burden on internal storage, although the device will also feature dual memory-card slots.

Last but not least, as with its predecessors, the new camera body will be fully compatible with lenses from Canon’s EF range.

As it stands the launch date and price for the new device have yet to be disclosed.