Meet Toothless, the smiley four-legged amphibian

Meet Toothless, the Axolotl, who’s an amphibian, not a fish.

Praviny Muniapan started keeping fish to take her mind off work. She loved coming home to watch them calmly swimming to and fro in their tanks.

Soon trips to the fish shop became a weekly routine and it was during one of these trips that she spotted a weird, four-legged creature swimming around inside an aquarium.

After one long year of researching and thinking hard, she finally decided she wanted one.

Toothless has beautiful gills on either side of his body.

Toothless is an Axolotl, also known as “Mexican walking fish”, for obvious reasons. He’s an amphibian and so he is technically not a fish, though it’s a common enough mistake that just about everyone makes.

He lives in chilled water, with the ideal temperature being between 20-23°C.

Being a carnivore, he lives on fresh worms, nightcrawlers preferably, feeder fish (after being quarantined) and pallets.

Toothless shares his home with other fish who he doesn’t quite like.

Somewhat timid by nature, Toothless prefers to spend most of his time in his cave, away from bright lights. He also likes to hide behind or in-between the plants in his tank.

However, on days when Praviny works from home, Toothless comes to the front of his tank, walking and showing off his beautiful gills, wanting to be fed.

And Praviny has noticed that no matter how much she feeds him, he always seems to want more. A clumsy and greedy eater, Toothless likes to try swallowing four to five whole pallets at a time.

When he wants a snack,Toothless will leave the confines of his dark cave and hang around the front of the tank hoping to get lucky.

Besides bright lights, Toothless doesn’t like the sight of the three Congo Tetras he lives with in his tank. He did try to eat them at first, but since that didn’t work out too well for him, he is resigned to putting up with them without complaining.

Praviny says Toothless’ smiley face warms her heart and is one of the reasons why she picked him. “It’s like he’s always smiling. My best friend says I’m crazy as I send her his smiles almost every other day,” Praviny says with pride.

Praviny is teaching Toothless how to ‘hi-five’ and believes that he will learn how to do it eventually.

One of Praviny’s current obsessions is to teach her fishes some tricks. “My bettas are learning to jump and Toothless is learning to Hi-five. They will learn eventually. Slowly but surely.”

Praviny says that in the short three months that she’s known Toothless, he has come to be very special to her. “I have a special bond with this guy. He’s like a clumsy puppy but just a puppy who lives inside an aquarium.”

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