Chef gives tutorial on how to wash your hands

Chef Gordon Ramsay has shared a tutorial on basic hygiene to limit the spread of Covid-19. (AFP pic)

LONDON: As the UK prepares to close schools on March 20, without imposing the confinement measures applied by its European neighbours, the Scottish chef has posted a long tutorial on his Instagram account on how to wash your hands to prevent contamination with Covid-19.

More than 1.5 million internet users have viewed and “liked” Gordon Ramsay’s instagram tutorial on proper hand washing. In the manner of a cooking lesson, the Michelin-starred chef explains the successive steps to best prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In particular, he emphasises the need to interlock your fingers when soaping your hands and not to forget your wrists.

At a time when the UK has yet to adopt any of the confinement measures to combat the pandemic that are in force across Europe, Gordon Ramsay’s tutorial aims to alert his extensive following of cooking enthusiasts to the need for extra careful hygiene.