How celebs are beating the boredom of social distancing

US Singer/songwriter Pink. (AFP pic)

They’re used to full social calendars, the gaze of adoring fans and being surrounded by crowds – but in these days of the Covid-19 lockdown, celebrities are shut indoors just like the rest of us.

Here’s a look at how the world’s biggest stars are fighting the boredom.

Boateng’s toilet roll kicks

Bundesliga footballer Jerome Boateng has started a trend by doing kick-ups with a toilet roll – an item that has become a symbol of the Covid-19 crisis in many countries thanks to shortages caused by stockpiling.

In a video on Instagram, the Bayern Munich defender manages an impressive 20 kicks before the makeshift football finally tumbles to the floor.

Elsewhere, England footballer James Milner shared a tongue-in-cheek film of himself rationing tea bags, setting them out into neat piles on his kitchen table, and preparing to cut his lawn by measuring the grass with a ruler.

The Terminator feeds his mini pony

Former California governor and “Terminator” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger set Twitter alight with a video urging people to stay home and listen to the experts, while casually feeding carrots to his mini poney Whiskey and donkey Lulu from his kitchen table.

Actress and comedian Ellen Degeneres. (AFP pic)

Ellen Degeneres tries a puzzle

US talk show host Ellen de Generes tried her hand at a 4,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, sharing her progress on Instagram before admitting it was too taxing.

“So much for that plan,” she wrote, before posting a picture of herself relaxing on the couch with her dogs.

Robbie Williams: distant lover

British singer Robbie Williams is keeping a safe distance from wife Ayda Field after returning from a trip to Australia.

In a video called “A social distancing love story”, Ayda re-enacts the world’s most romantic balcony scene while Robbie looks on from below. “Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou?” she asks dramatically.

“Down here, Juliet. I’m right here,” he replies with a wave.

English musician Robbie Williams performing during the Russia World Cup opening ceremony. (AFP pic)

JLo’s wardrobe change

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez joined Tik Tok’s “flip the switch” clothes-swapping craze, snapping herself in a suit and shades while her fianc√© Alex Rodriguez strikes a pose in one of her legendary figure-hugging dresses.

Elsewhere on Tik Tok, former “Friends” star Courtney Cox shows off her dance moves under the hashtag “bored”.

Pink and Serena: mums in action

US singer Pink shared a handwritten schedule to keep her daughter Willow and son Jameson entertained during the day, including time allotted for yoga, walks and chores – and a later bedtime if the kids “don’t fight”.

Also on Instagram, tennis star Serena Williams says she plans to spend “the next six weeks in solitude. Being a wife. Being a mom.” She also plans to make time for face masks and make-up tutorials.

Lizzo meditates

In one of the more unusual videos, US singer Lizzo posted a 30-minute meditation session on Instagram, complete with a floaty flute recital, healing crystals and an ocean sound machine.

“We’re going to take all of this fear and transmute it into love,” she said.