Covid-19: List of countries who follow the news the most

Italy measures in as the country most interested in Covid-19 worldwide.(AFP pic)

As the country with the highest number of reported cases behind China – which has since reported getting Covid-19 under control since the outbreak began at the end of last year – it’s no wonder that, according to Google Search analytics, Italy is the country most interested in coronavirus worldwide.

While at the end of last week France was reigning as the country most interested in Covid-19 based on a scale of global Google Search results from 0 to 100, Italy has taken the lead as its numbers of reported cases and related deaths continue to likewise grow.

Italy – 100

Though Italy is trailing behind China in terms of total reported cases, the country has vastly surpassed the country’s number of deaths which now total 5,476, according to

The country also currently has the highest number of active cases and critical cases clocking in at 46,638 and 3,000, respectively. So far, only about 7,024 people have recovered from the disease, whereas in China, 72,703 have.

Spain – 66

Currently, Spain is seeing 1,141 new cases which brings their total up to 29,909. Although high, this number also marks the first time the daily case number has decreased in the country since March 17.

The total number of deaths is 1,813, the number of active cases is 25,521, and the number of critical cases is 1,785.

Ireland – 58

While Ireland hasn’t hit the 1,000 mark in reported cases, they measure in at the third country most interested in Covid-19 in the world.

The country’s total number of daily cases has remained in the lower 100s since March 19, the day when the country had their record worst day with 191 reported cases.

The total number of deaths is 4, the number of active cases is 897, and number of critical cases 29.

France – 55

Despite being the country most interested in the disease last week, France has dropped to fourth today. The European country’s case total is 16,018 and death total is 674.

The total number of active cases is 13,144, and the number of those who have recovered is 2,200. It’s been four days since the country reported their record high in daily cases.

Switzerland – 53

In Switzerland, the total number of cases measures at 7,776 and the number of deaths at 100.

There are 7,545 active cases ongoing, and 131 have recovered. For the first time since March 19, the number of daily cases was less than 1,000 at 611.