Ronny, the Beagle mix who loves clothes and shoes

Ronny is a 10-year-old Beagle mix who loves to chew on clothes and shoes.

Ronny cannot see a pile of clothes or a pair of shoes without pouncing on it and chewing it up beyond recognition.

A 10-year-old Beagle mix who was given to Jason Varma by a friend, Ronny gets off scot-free even when she mangles everything in sight simply because the family loves her too much to reprimand her in any way.

Clearly the boss of her castle, Jason says Ronny is naughty no doubt, but intelligent and cute – which clearly explains how this little four-legged rascal has got everyone in the household wrapped around her paw.

Don’t be fooled by Ronny’s big, soft and deep-brown eyes. If you think she’s going to make friends with you easily, you’ll be sorely disappointed and rather shocked when she barks loudly into your face instead.

Children beware – Ronny is not a fan of shrieking little humans.

(L): She may look innocent and friendly but Ronny will bark at you if you try to make friends with her. (R): Hiding from a bath or a trip to the groomers, no doubt.

Despite strutting around the house like she owns it, Ronny is however quick to split the scene the moment she senses a bath coming up. Or a trip to the groomers – two activities she absolutely detests.

She also gets frightened at the sound of firecrackers and thunderstorms and hates the vacuum cleaner just as much.

The good thing though is that her human family loves her so much, they use the broom instead when housecleaning and let her hide in their beds when there’s a raging thunderstorm outside.

Lucky Ronny – you are clearly a blessed dog!

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