5 ways to care for your pets during Covid-19 times

For some, pets will be the only companions they will have by their side during the Covid-19 crisis. (Pixabay pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Covid-19 crisis has gripped the world in fear, and while you do all in your power to prevent contracting this potentially deadly virus, it is important to keep your furry companions safe and healthy as well.

Experts from the World Health Organisation as well as the American Centre of Disease Control and Prevention agree that animals are not susceptible to Covid-19. Nor are they capable of transmitting the disease to human beings.

Nevertheless, Peta, the animal rights group, has come up with a list of ways to keep you and your pets safe and healthy just in case you succumb to paranoia in a moment of weakness and start to worry unnecessarily about them.

1. Never make them wear face masks: Never put face masks on your cat or dog – no matter how much you may be tempted to. Even if you have noble intentions, you will only cause breathing difficulties that will further traumatise them.

2. Never cage or crate them: While you may be self-isolating, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to stuff your pet away into a cage or a crate. They should be free to move about your home as they normally do.

3. Never touch your pet if you are sick: If you happen to fall ill or are possibly infected with Covid-19, avoid close contact with your pets and have another member of their household care for them so as not to get the virus on their fur.

The coronavirus can be left on animals’ fur, just as it can remain on a doorknob, a handrail, another human hand, or any other surface that an infected person has touched.

While animals are not harmed by the new coronavirus, it is still important to keep them safe and healthy at all times. (Pixabay pic)

4. Stock up on pet supplies: While hoarding is an irresponsible move during the movement control order in Malaysia, it is prudent to plan ahead to ensure that you have adequate pet supplies, preferably two to three weeks’ worth.

During this crisis, remember to be generous and help neighbours who may lack pet supplies.

5. Remember to donate: Animal food banks also desperately need your help, now more than ever before, so donate food if you have anything to spare.

“Our dogs and cats rely on us to take care of them year-round and especially during times of crisis,” says Peta senior vice president of International Campaigns Jason Baker.

“Peta is asking everyone to ensure that their animals are still getting healthy food, plenty of exercise, and lots of love.”

For more information, visit PETAAsia.com.