Nolan, the three-legged guard dog who means business

Three-legged he may be but Nolan can do everything a four-legged dog does, only better.

Don’t be fooled by Nolan’s sweet face and mild-mannered nature. He’s an extremely alert and fiercely loyal companion to his master T S Yam and should the need arise, this fiery canine will stop at nothing to guard the life of the man he loves the most.

Speaking to FMT, Yam describes how Nolan once stopped a burglar who was attempting to break into his house in the wee hours of the morning.

Nolan doing what he loves best – hanging out in nature like he’s the king of his own little jungle.

“Nolan is a very protective dog. I remember clearly the day this dog showed his loyalty to me.

“It was pitch black outside. And suddenly Nolan’s ears pricked up and his heckles stood on end. I knew that something was wrong.

“But before I could do anything, Nolan was out the door, running as fast as his three legs could carry him, growling and barking ferociously,” Yam says.

Squinting at the darkness outside, Yam says he spotted the shadow of a man, most likely a burglar, scrambling clumsily over the gate to escape the jaws of the angry dog.

(L): Nolan, bright-eyed and flashing a happy smile as he looks lovingly at daddy. (R): Nothing escapes the eye of this little ‘security guard’ as he patrol’s his master’s house.

“I realised that day how much I loved Nolan. He can be naughty, especially when I first adopted him.

“He drove me up the wall with all the mischief he got into,” Yam says, adding that it did occur to him on more than one occasion if he had bitten off more than he could chew by adopting Nolan.

But the two stuck it out, learning each other’s ways and growing to love one another more with each passing day.

Taking a much-needed rest after a hard day’s work.

“I always knew he was special, but after that day when he stopped an attempted burglary from taking place, I realised I owed my life to him. Who knows what could have happened to me had the burglar come inside.”

Today, the two are inseparable and Nolan is just as loving and protective of his master as on that fateful night when he stopped an attempted break-in.

Nolan, seen here having a meal with his beloved ‘cousin’ Roxy.

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