Meet Leonardo DiCatprio, the debonair ladies’ man

Where does the cat start and the plush rug end? Meet the debonair Silver Persian Leo DiCatprio – looking resplendent in every way.

When he saunters into a room, all eyes fix on him, mesmerised by the sheer brilliance of his coat, his confident swagger and his piercing eyes.

Meet the debonair Leonardo DiCatprio aka Leo, a two-and-a-half-year-old Silver Persian who belongs to Wendy Tan.

Speaking to FMT, Wendy says Leo is very much like her – timid at first but once he gets to know you, his more relaxed but playful and cheeky side comes out. “He chooses his people – he tends to gravitate towards women so we call him a ladies’ man,” Wendy says.

Talking about his adventurous and curious spirit, Wendy says, “We think he secretly aspires to be an outdoor cat because he loves to explore outside the apartment every chance he gets.”

But Leo is purely an indoor cat. And for good reason – he has a bad sense of direction.

Wendy relates how Leo once snuck out without anybody knowing. He was found later sitting casually outside the apartment directly above Wendy’s!

Although Leo loves to explore outside, he’s purely an indoor cat and for god reason – he has a bad sense of direction.

“He thought it was his own home and he was sitting outside patiently waiting to be let in. Although he got the general direction right, still wrong floor, buddy!”

These days, he’s only let out under strict supervision of a family member or when leashed.

To entertain himself indoors, Leo hunts. It’s a past time he’s very good at because there’s hardly a lizard in sight at home. “All those laser pointer training sessions must have sharpened his hunting skills,” Wendy says.

Leo loves laying around the house in different spots and spending time with his family by being near them at all times – just don’t think it’s an invitation to cuddle. He’s pretty much into social distancing.

“Sometimes, when he feels like it, he will bless you by resting a paw on you but that’s the most you’ll get from him. Sometimes, he’s ultra cuddly and won’t leave you alone.”

Leo is a picky eater. He only eats kibble with high protein content (the good stuff) and cat food with gravy. “He won’t eat anything else and would rather starve than lower his standards. Leo knows he deserves nothing but the best! He absolutely detests eggs and won’t go near it.”

Leo tends to spend his time at home stretched out in various spots, sleeping his blues away.

Wendy says that unlike most cats, Leo’s not into boxes. He’s more a paper bag sort of guy. “No matter how big or small the bag is, Leo will make sure he fits into it.”

Wendy says that although Leo has an adventurous spirit, he’s a softy at heart. “He is afraid of almost everything from hair dryers to car rides to baths and the sound of the television. He’s also afraid of certain types of fruit like dragonfruit and oranges.”

Leo understand commands in Penang Hokkien. “Lai” and “beh sai” which means “come” and “no” respectively. “I’m still teaching him the handshake but I don’t think that’s happening.”

Leo also pines for Wendy when she’s at work. “The moment I unlock the front door, he sprints there to greet me and meows from behind the door. It’s the most adorable thing. Leo can also open doors and sometimes even unhinge windows (both very scary and dangerous),” Wendy says.

It’s hard not to fall desperately in love with such a beautiful kitty.

Sleeping arrangements at the Tan household are never certain when it comes to Leo. He usually sleeps in his own bed but there are times when he’s let in to sleep in Wendy’s.

“Before, he would constantly wake me up in the middle of the night by jumping on me, running about the room, jumping on and off the bed, smacking me and meowing in my face to wake me up, so I stopped letting him sleep in my room.”

Wendy says that the now “older and more mature” Leo sleeps through the night without waking her up, and so because of that, he gets to sleep in her bed more often now.

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