Princess, the smart cookie who loves her snacks

Princess loves car rides and jumps for joy when she hears the words, ‘Come follow me’ or ‘Jalan-jalan’.

Princess is a four-year-old Shih Tzu with a zest for life. She wakes up with a spring in her step every morning and lives out the rest of the day happy to play with her many soft toys and snack on treats.

Her “akka” Kogila loves Princess to bits and says the little pooch is very observant and smart. “Smart” because she knows her snack times and has perfected the art of gently manipulating Kogila into giving her some.

“She tries very hard to make eye contact with me when it’s around her snack time and if I so much as glance in her direction, she’ll bark non-stop until I give in and hand her a treat,” Kogila says.

Princess always knows when it’s snack time and will stare into Kogila’s eyes until she gets up and gives her a treat.

“Her favourite is frozen carrots, and her day is incomplete without it. She gets these treats four to five times a day.”

An intuitive dog, Princess can sense when Kogila is about to leave the house. “That’s when she’ll show her sad face and stare pitifully at me as I walk out.”

She also expects a formal goodbye and a pat on the head. So after hearing the words “Akka go out, go to work. Be good girl. Sayang akka”, Princess will lick Kogila’s hand as if to give her blessings.

To amuse herself, Princess has an array of soft toys that she can’t seem to get enough of, particularly those with eyes and noses as she takes great pleasure in biting those off.

Princess has no qualms about making herself comfortable on any surface and that includes the living room coffee table.

Her favourite pastime however is shadowing Kogila and sitting on her lap whenever she gets the chance. “She observes everything I do and knows my routine. And obviously gets jealous if she sees me patting other dogs.”

She also loves playing “catch” and when she’s instructed, “Princess, go bring your ball, we play catch”, off she’ll trot to find her ball and pass it to Kogila for her to throw.

A generally good dog, her only bad habits are dashing out when she sees an open door and making a big fuss whenever she has to take her supplements or medicines.

Princess loves to sit on Kogila’s lap whenever she gets the chance and is always up for a feisty game of catch.

She’s a super friendly dog by nature, Kogila says, and treats guests like gold.

“She loves people. Whenever guests come over, she’ll sit at their feet, follow them around and even sit outside the bathroom when they use it. She’s at her happiest when other people are around.”

If there’s one thing she will not share, however, it’s her pillow. Absolutely no one is allowed to touch it. Even so, Princess thinks nothing of sharing Kogila’s bed every night unless there’s a guest staying overnight of course, in which case, Princess will happily sleep with them.

Her only fears are the sound of booming thunder and trips to the groomers which she detests. Other than that, Princess is a happy-go-lucky girl who lives life to the fullest.

A picture of pure beauty, Princess is playful and loving.

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