Survey shows Europeans in lockdown dream of America

A vast survey by Abritel reveals that would-be travellers across Europe dream of a trip to America. (AFP pic)

AUSTIN: Stuck on the couch, or at their desks if they are working from home, it is not surprising that people are dreaming of getting away from it all to keep their spirits up.

What is remarkable is that most French and European stay-at-home travellers are dreaming of America, according to a vast survey conducted by Abritel and published on Tuesday, April 7.

No one is booking any air tickets right now, and holiday plans are still on hold for most Europeans, but they are still thinking about where they would like to go.

So now is a good time to take stock of the trips that people were already dreaming of before the health crisis.

The United States was still the most coveted destination, with 33% of the votes. And it should be noted that French, British, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Austrian would-be tourists were also questioned.

As a second choice, armchair travellers are also keen on trips to Canada (26%), Australia and New Zealand (23%).

A small proportion of participants professed a predilection for paradisiacal destinations like French Polynesia (17%) or the Maldives (11%).

But, if it was only a matter of choosing a tourist attraction, the French would stay at home and climb the Eiffel Tower (35%).

The Iron Lady is ahead of the legendary Statue of Liberty (33%), the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Niagara Falls (32% each), which are on a par with another famous French destination Mont-Saint-Michel (32%).

This latest study involved the participation of 9.000, who were questioned in December of 2019.