Google teaches users how to conduct better searches

Google will now help users optimise their queries. © Courtesy of Google.

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Google is rolling out a new feature to the Search platform that will help users learn how to optimise their search terms and phrases to prompt better results.

Google doesn’t always prompt the results a user wants when they search something — not because the perfect results don’t exist, but because the terms or phrases that were input into the engine are abstract or unclear.

To help people exploit the search engine and all the information it can bring to the world, Google will provide suggestions to users on how they can modify their query to surface better results.

This week the company began rolling out a new feature that tells people when “Google hasn’t been able to find anything that matches your search particularly well.”

A message will pop up at the top of one’s search results suggesting how to modify the query in a way that could potentially prompt more relevant results.

Google states that this message won’t appear very often considering that it is rare that the search engine does not provide helpful information, but in the case that relevant sites are not discovered, this message could prove useful.