Romeo, the champion with beauty and brains

Romeo is a magnificent four-year-old Doberman, who has won a string of awards at top dog shows in the country.

Gan Wei Yee never dreamed the Doberman puppy he bought from a breeder would one day win a string of awards at top dog shows in the country.

But that’s precisely what Romeo has achieved in his four years of life, thanks to his chiselled good looks, envious build and outstanding genes.

Romeo, as a puppy.

In his first dog show outing at the Malaysian Kennel Association International Confirmation Show, Romeo won the “Best in Show” award, surprising even Gan.

After this win, Gan entered Romeo in more shows with the magnificent Doberman winning various titles including “Malaysia Grand Champion and Doberman of the Year (local bred)”.

“My hobby changed from keeping Romeo as a pet to a professional show dog handler,” Gan says, adding that most of his time these days is dedicated to Romeo’s health and fitness.

(L): Romeo with his winning trophy. (R): Romeo fooling around with his owner, Gan Wei Yee.

When he’s not working hard at looking drop-dead gorgeous, Romeo likes fooling around by playing tug-of-war with Gan, going for walks to stretch those long and sturdy legs of his and flirting with the female dogs he occasionally meets.

An intelligent canine, Romeo is a fast learner and knows how to “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “walk”, “pose”, “jump” and “fetch” on command – proving that he’s a lovely combination of both beauty and brains.

Here’ wishing you all the best, Romeo in your life as a working guardian dog and dog show champion.

Romeo striking a pose.

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