Life in lockdown with 2 cheeky Huskies, Chanel and Marley

Chanel and Marley, the two adorable Huskies who are treated as family in the Lee household. (Ping Hui pic)

PETALING JAYA: The Covid-19 pandemic has left Malaysians confined to their homes under a strict movement control order. But life is still shiny and bright for members of the Lee household as they share their days with two adorable Huskies.

Meet eight-year-olds, Chanel and Marley, who have brought an endless stream of joy to their mother, Lee Ping Hui.

Chanel came home with Ping Hui when she was just a three-month-old. Call it luck or fate, but Marley’s previous owner needed to return to his home country and couldn’t take her along so Ping Hui adopted Marley into the family.

In fact, the reason these two look so similar is because Chanel and Marley are siblings – so in a way, the two were reunited after a brief separation.

Ping Hui with eight-year-old Chanel. (Ping Hui pic)

Ping Hui has great admiration and love for her dogs. “Chanel is very loving. Even when she comes across animals smaller than her, she does her best to be gentle with them.

“Every fibre in her fluffy body oozes love and respect for both animals and humans. Marley tends to be more territorial, often trying to claim her stake as the elder sister.”

However, Ping Hui has to keep a constant eye out for them because the two excited Huskies have a tendency to dig up trouble when they’re bored.

“They can be very destructive at times, chewing up things and even having a go at the walls! I have many holes at home,” laughed Ping Hui.

The two gentle dogs trying to make friends with a crab. (Ping Hui pic)

Despite looking very similar, these two huskies have an opposite preference when it comes to toys.

According to Ping Hui, Chanel loves to play with any toy that squeaks and gets quite musical too. “She presses the toy with her mouth and howls to the squeaking sounds. Her favourite is the rubber chicken.

“Marley meanwhile doesn’t take a fancy to toys but both of them love spending time chewing on bones.”

To guests who come to visit Ping Hui, they would have to say “hi” to Chanel and Marley first before greeting anyone else.

Chanel and Marley enjoying a cooling swim in the pool. (Ping Hui pic)

Ping Hui says the two Huskies also expect to receive a pat on the head from anyone entering the house. And if none is forthcoming, they think nothing of following the poor unsuspecting person all over the place until they finally elicit a pat on the head, a hug or even a kiss – talk about unashamed determination.

Besides watching over these two magnificent creatures, Ping Hui is also a mother to two rambunctious toddlers. Despite how high-strung her toddlers are, Ping Hui says they don’t compare to how energetic her Huskies are.

“They especially love car rides, walks and running all over the house,” she says, adding that yes, they can be quite a handful.

Chanel and Marley are faithful companions of Ping Hui’s children. (Ping Hui pic)

As a doting paw parent, Ping Hui feels strongly about responsible pet ownership and says that potential fur parents need to understand the commitment that comes with adopting a pet.

“For future pet owners who are keen on adopting, it is definitely a long term commitment. My cat is 19 years old and now suffers from renal failure and I am still committed to providing a comfortable life for her.

“I take her every alternate day for dialysis. I will never give up on her as long as she has the will to live,” said Ping Hui.

With two human brothers at home, Chanel and Marley have developed a love for children. Ping Hui even occasionally takes her two Huskies to orphanages to give the children there a chance to play and run with them.

Ping Hui takes her two dogs for an occasional visit to the orphanage. (Ping Hui pic)

Even when pregnant, Ping Hui did not have the heart to give away her dogs despite so many well-meaning friends advising her to. They are after all, “family” she said, explaining that you wouldn’t give a family member away just because you were starting a family of your own.

“Oprah Winfrey once said knowledge is power. As a responsible pet owner, we need to educate ourselves with the knowledge to protect our children as well as our pets.

“Blindly abandoning our pets when we want to start a family is not the solution,” Ping Hui says. Neither is falling for unsubstantiated news that the coronavirus can be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans.

“I have never been a believer in taking shortcuts like that. Instead, I’m a believer in hard work and good hygiene. Yes, Covid-19 is very scary and I have toddlers, dogs, cats and elderly people at home.

“But I’m doing my best to educate my entire family and doing what I can to boost their immunity. I’m also very strict when it comes to good hygiene.”

Ping Hui hopes that fur parents would take the effort to consult with their veterinarians before jumping to conclusions and dumping their pets because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Responsible pet ownership is more than just about buying or adopting a pet. It’s about ensuring it’s welfare and survival by giving it food, shelter, medical attention and lots of love.

In short, pet ownership is a commitment that should be taken seriously and not ventured into on a whim.

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