Postings of kitchen disasters gets 1.5 mil followers in 10 days

The Facebook account called ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni Official’ has become an overnight hit among internet users. (Facebook pic)

NILAI: A Facebook account called “Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni” has become such a hot topic among internet users, it chalked up 1.5 million followers in 10 days after its launch.

In fact the account that celebrates the disastrous meals people have cooked since the movement control order was enforced is so popular, even Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin made a mention of it in his special message that was telecast live on Thursday.

Norlaila Dollah-Ahmed, 46, who started the account on April 14 to share her kitchen disasters as well as those of other Facebook users, said she never imagined it would catch on with so many, including the Prime Minister.

“The idea came to me because I like to cook and share recipes on my Facebook account. However, many who tried my recipes met with failure.

“I myself once tried to make serunding (meat floss) but failed miserably and the end product was a burnt mess. I thought of sharing that experience on Facebook just for a laugh, especially during the MCO period.

“Soon after the account was created, the number for followers began increasing. It went viral and became so popular that even the Prime Minister mentioned it, which was a pleasant surprise,” she told Bernama here.

The mother of two said that after the PM’s speech, she received an additional 200,000 requests to follow it.

“Right now, we have 20,000 posts which are still pending as well as more requests from those who want to join. We need time to vet the requests, and postings.

“It’s a great feeling seeing people post comments and laugh at what they read,” she said.

However, Norlaila who runs a sundry shop in Nilai here said, there were also some who didn’t take too kindly to the postings, saying it only encouraged wastage and mocked the process of cooking.

“My intention was just to have a few laughs, not to make fun of food or to encourage people to waste it.

“So we have to vet the postings which we feel intentionally waste food or were shots downloaded from Google,” she said.

Norlaila also urged followers of the account to be more careful with their comments so as not to make fun of food or hurt the feelings of others.