5 common mistakes when decorating with mirrors

When used correctly, mirrors can lend an air of sophistication to any room. (House Beautiful pic)

Mirrors help create a feel of contemporary chic in your home, added with their ability to instantly make a room look bigger, brighter and more spectacular than it ever was before.

However, there are many homeowners who don’t decorate well with mirrors.

Here are the most common boo-boos when decorating with mirrors and how you can turn your misguided style around.

1. Placing mirrors just about anywhere without a plan

Ideally, a mirror should be used to reflect the best light and features in your home. (Feng Shui Nexus pic)

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using mirrors to fill an empty space on the wall. However, mirrors should be used discerningly and creatively to enhance the appearance of a room.

To check if your mirror’s in the right place, it’s a good idea to take a look at whether it’s reflecting an unappealing part of your room like a huge pile of mess on the table, or a wooden chair that’s falling apart.

Ideally, your mirror should always be used to reflect the best light and features in your home.

2. Leaving mirrors in direct sunlight

Even though mirrors are used to reflect light into your home, you should not place them directly under sunlight.

If you’ve got a mirror that is constantly soaking in the sun on the floor or walls, remove it and find another spot in the house where it will be out of direct sunlight, but can still catch light from a suitable angle to reflect into the rest of the room.

Leaving mirrors under such high temperatures can make them dull and reduce their reflective quality after some time.

3. Overexposure to moisture in kitchens and bathrooms

Placing mirrors in areas with high moisture levels can cause black spots to form on the mirror’s surface.(thriftyfun.com pic)

Mirrors do make a really good backsplash feature in kitchens and it’s certainly a must-have in any bathroom.

However, placing mirrors in areas with high moisture levels can cause black spots to form on the mirror’s surface.

At the same time, the moisture trapped between the mirror and wall can cause dark stains to appear on the mirror’s backing and wall’s surface. So think twice about where you hang that mirror.

Also, try to avoid positioning mirrored tiles in the shower stall or placing them too close to where water will splash near the sink – having to deal with constant watermarks means spending more time on maintenance. Create more ventilation by leaving a slight gap between the mirror and wall.

4. Not using mirrors tastefully in the bedroom

A mirror placed behind your bed can magnify the size of your bedroom (designstiles.me pic)

This really comes down to individual preferences.

From a design point of view, placing a mirror directly in front of your bed where you can see yourself immediately before and after waking up is not such a good idea, since it can be very distracting when your bed is the one place where you should have a peace of mind.

Instead, try placing it beside your bed or hang it up as a headboard above your bed.

5. Placing mirrors on more than two walls

Having too many mirrors in one room lessens the aesthetics of the space. (decoist.com pic)

You’ve discovered that a mirror can make a room look bigger. However, don’t go crazy by having mirrors hung on every wall, thinking that it will quadruple the size of your room, it doesn’t work that way.

Having too many mirrors in one room just makes people feel very uncomfortable – as a rule of thumb, keep your mirrors down to two walls in a room.

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