Ben, the Shih Tzu with a personal pool, shoes and perfume

Ben is an eight-year-old Shih Tzu who wears shoes when he’s out walking.

Talk about the good life! Ben, the eight-year-old Shih Tzu who belongs to Vichithrah Jayamoghan is a pampered pooch, who has his own mini swimming pool that he loves to splash around in on hot, sunny days.

Ben also enjoys indulging in long baths and being preened at the groomers so he can step out looking dashingly handsome. He even has his own perfume.

To pass his time at home, Ben loves fooling around with his many soft toys and even likes sleeping with his “buddies”. Most of all he loves playing with his “paw” parents and siblings. Having a happy-go-lucky nature, Ben is exceptionally friendly even with total strangers.

Ben surrounded by his best ‘buddies’.

But despite the plush life he leads, Ben still wants to keep his “bad boy” image intact, and so gets into mischief every now then just for the heck of it.

And he knows how to get out of trouble just as easily as he gets into it – when caught red-handed, he quickly hides behind the sofa which is his “I am guilty, please forgive me” spot. Well, needless to say, he gets off scot-free every single time.

No one can resist Ben’s ‘puppy dog eyes’ that he flashes when he’s done mischief or wants a treat.

Another trick he’s mastered is flashing his heart-melting “puppy dog eyes”, something he uses to great effect when he begs for food.

In keeping with his “bad boy” image, Ben also likes to pick fights with the Rottweilers and Alsatians he meets during his walks. Maybe the shoes he wears on his petite paws make him feel invincible.

He also loves going for car rides and will jump excitedly the moment he sees anyone reaching for the keys.

Ben loves car rides and jumps joyously the moment he spots anyone at home reaching for the keys.

The only things that put a dampener on his otherwise fun-filled life is rain and firecrackers which he abhors with all his heart. Almost as much as his abhors his cage.

Vichithrah says that when Ben first came home, he used to be kept in a cage on the porch. But one day, a mighty thunderstorm frightened the living daylights out of him and in his terrified state, he managed to unlock the cage and come running inside for cover. Since then, he’s become a permanent resident.

To this day, he detests the cage and if at all he’s required to go into it, he makes himself all jelly-like and goes belly-up. When he does this, there is no other way but to carry him to the cage.

So attached is he to his soft toys that he loves settling down with them by his side.

Ben’s diet is mainly vegetarian and he absolutely loves French toast, kuih bahulu and Dominoes’ chicken, which he gets as a special treat every now and then.

When wishing to take a snooze, Ben has two options of sleeping accommodations – his bed downstairs and the one in the master bedroom, which he uses every night. He even has his own stand fan which must be switched on all the time to keep him cool. How’s that for a pampered pooch?

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