8 ways to keep the elderly safe during Covid-19

Good hygiene is important to keep the elderly safe and healthy. (Rawpixel pic)

During the difficult period of the movement control order, there are several things families can do to keep their elderly safe. Here are eight ways to look after them well:

  1. Keep the elderly at home at all times. Let others buy their food and run errands for them.
  2. Be more vigilant of your elderly’s condition and alert your doctor right away if their condition changes, especially if you see any tell-tale signs of Coronavirus – fever, persistent cough and shortness of breath.
  3. No matter how hard it is, keep family members, friends and visitors away or at least practise social distancing. Stay 1.8 meters distance from them.
  4. Consider using telemedicine as the first option if the elderly person’s condition changes. In Malaysia, Doc2Us, TELLME and several others offer such services.
  5. Wipe down all surfaces periodically using a safe disinfectant.
  6. Make sure your elderly continues to stay active by exercising within their limits.
  7. Continue to ensure that your elderly loved ones eat well and healthy.
  8. Ensure that they still take their medications. See if you can get an extra supply, just to be sure as the pandemic may last for a while, and supplies can run out.

Andrew Mastrandonas is an elderly care/home care and health tech executive based in Kuala Lumpur. For additional information on finding a caregiver or other care services at home see https://hello.pillarcare.com/ or call/text/WhatsApp the Care Hotline: +60 17-805 9677 for immediate assistance.