Adik, the tiny kitten big on personality and charm

Adik was once a sickly stray but has rebounded and is a fearless little beauty today.

Say hello to Adik, the once sickly, timid stray, hungry and miserable until she was rescued by a kind soul named Malina.

“Because of her semi-flat nose, she sneezed a lot. And she was terribly timid and almost deaf because her ears were thick with earwax. She was in such a terrible state that I could not bear the thought of leaving her to fend for herself sick and alone on the streets,” Malina says, making the decision then and there to adopt her.

This tiny little girl was timid and very sickly when she lived on the streets.

Today, after loads of tender loving care and the right medical attention, Adik has blossomed into a confident cat who loves to play.

“She is an extremely playful, loving and happy kitten and spends her days romping around with her siblings. There’s no shortage of fun when Adik is around.”

Unlike most cats who love to eat fish, Adik is strictly a mutton-only feline, just like her brother Adudu.

(L): At her most sickly right after she was picked up from off the streets. (R): With lots of tender loving care, Adik showed significant signs of mending.

Malina also cannot believe how much Adik has changed from being a scaredy-cat to becoming a cool-cat who is unfazed by anybody or anything.

“One day a contractor was at the house drilling a hole in the wall. Her siblings scooted off to safety the moment they heard the loud drilling but not Adik. She casually walked up to the contractor, sniffed around his feet and sauntered off, cool as a cucumber,” Malina says.

“Bet she bragged no end to her siblings who were all shivering in various corners of the house.”

(L) Taking a breather with her one of her siblings. (R): Is that a seriously long yawn or a ferocious meow?

Malina says Adik is the ultimate attention-seeker be it from her siblings or the humans in her life.

“She’s really tiny compared to the others and she tends to let them bully her. But when she’s had enough, she’ll blow up and chase them around the house.”

Well done, Adik! Always stand up for yourself.

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