Scruffy the Chihuahua is the perfect party host

Scruffy loves hosting parties and paying special attention to his guests.

Scruffy is a gentle and loving 13-year-old long-haired Chihuahua. Although he may be pint sized, he has an appetite as big as that of any St Bernard.

When Lysha is in her kitchen cooking, Scruffy is ever the alert “food police” who’s quick on his feet to pounce on any food scraps that inadvertently fall to the floor. He is like a speedy vacuum!

He loves children and is gentle with them because he grew up with Lysha’s kids when they were very young. He is protective over them too, like a K9 baby sitter.

Scruffy usually dresses up for special occasions when guests come to the house – it makes him feel involved and special.

He enjoys human company especially if they come bearing gifts of food. When guests come over, Scruffy gets dressed up for the occasion which makes him feel extra involved and special.

He will sit by the door to greet party guests and park himself by their seats in hopes they might pass him treats off the dinner table.

A dainty yawn but only because hosting parties can be somewhat tiring, especially staying alert for when treats are passed from the table to his mouth.

Being an old dog, Scruffy sleeps most of the time these days. When the floor near his bed gets cleaned, he wakes up and chases the mop as if to attack it for interrupting his slumber.

He enjoys car rides immensely, even riding in elevators. He is very used to urban living, so much so that when he’s taken for walks in the park, he only walks on the concrete pathways, avoiding the grass and dirt altogether.

Scruffy has the run of his home and loves to pass his days snoozing in his fluffy pillow.

Scruffy doesn’t climb up the stairs unless there is a thunder storm raging outside. He can turn into quite the athlete at the sound of rain.

Lysha says Chihuahuas are great apartment pets because they are small, easy to look after, quiet and friendly.

Scruffy snoozing and most likely dreaming of sitting at a banquet with a lavish spread of his favourite foods.

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