FeedLOVE: Show your pets you love them by feeding them right

FeedLOVE is cooked with the freshest, human-grade ingredients for a wholesome, nutritionally-balanced meal. (Pic courtesy of Asia Paws)

PETALING JAYA: Every loving paw parent wants only the best for their pets and nutrition is one of the most important factors to keep them in the best health possible.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what goes into the commercial kibble you feed your cat and dog?

According to certified veterinary acupuncturist, Dr Susanna Santhiram-Hofherr of Asia Paws, commercial pet food is highly processed and contains only the very minimum of nutrients necessary to “keep pets alive”.

That may sound a bit harsh, but that’s the reality of it.

She adds that food additives such as stabilisers and taste enhancers are often present in commercial pet foods to ensure that the animal continues to want to to eat the same formula day in day out.

However, these additives are known to trigger negative immune reactions and inflammation in the pet a few years down the line.

“As a holistic vet with years of practice, I know that healing and good health very much depends on wholesome, nutrient-rich bioavailable food.

“My success in helping chronically ill or organ function compromised pets to improve is largely based on whether I can convince a pet owner to switch to fresh, wholesome and nutrient-rich food.”

After 10 years of practice, Dr Susanna has decided to share with the world the same food that helped heal her own pets – FeedLOVE.

FeedLOVE is a holistic food formula that contains a balanced range of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) as well as trace minerals, balanced essential fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients from unpolluted and sustainable sources.

Two of the many, many food choices at FeedLOVE. You can even opt for duck-based meals for your pet. (Pic courtesy of Asia Paws)

Each FeedLOVE meal is meticulously prepared at the Asia Paws veterinary clinic and Dr Susanna goes to great lengths to ensure the hygiene standards during food production are in compliance with human-grade practices.

Her added practical experience in the last 12 years as a vet specialising in dog and cat nutrition allowed her to combine science-based nutrient requirements with what pets realistically like to eat.

“Contrary to my time working in the conventional medical veterinary field, my holistic veterinary practice required me to dig deep into the role of nutrients, diet composition and understanding and connecting food-related imbalances and diseases.”

FeedLOVE consists of a core team of three people with one line-leader. Best of all? The ingredients are without exemption, human-grade.

Paw parents can also be reassured that all the meats used in FeedLOVE pet meals are directly purchased from suppliers of premium restaurants and the added vegetables are of prime freshness and high quality.

All the meats at FeedLOVE are purchased from suppliers of premium restaurants and the vegetables are of prime freshness and high quality. (Pic courtesy of Asia Paws)

If you’re looking to start your dog or cat on FeedLOVE, Dr Susanna has guidelines for first-time purchasers with easy and concise instructions added to the delivery to help with the transition.

“For specific questions related to health-challenged pets, I as the founder and director of FeedLOVE ensure that I’m available to work with pet owners to adjust and modify any feeding recommendations to meet their pets special needs.”

It’s good to note that all FeedLOVE meals have been licked clean by dogs and cats alike.

Dr Susanna credits FeedLOVE’s delicious food formula to the dozens of feline and canine food testers who have generously agreed to be “guinea pigs” for the past 10 years and ended-up greedily licking their bowls and plates clean after each serving.

Dogs love the wholesome goodness of FeedLOVE meals.

Pet owners can also rejoice in knowing that FeedLOVE’s holistic pet food leads to positive changes in their pets.

“Depending on a pet’s existing and identified health challenges and how regularly FeedLOVE meals are on a pet’s meal plan, various parameters of better health become tangible after one to three months of introducing FeedLOVE’s holistic pet meals,” Dr Susanna says.

Among these changes are better agility, activity and sleep patterns, firmer and more toned body, optimal muscle-fat ratio, better coat texture and skin health, better eye and ear health, stability of the digestive system and health of vital organs, Dr Susanna said.

Even fussy cats give FeedLOVE meals the ‘paws’ up.

What you feed your pet can be a life-changer, so make the right decision today. Head on to FeedLOVE’s website for more information.