Meet Boo, the wannabe bully who’s brimming with love

No way is that the face of a bully – Boo, you’re way too beautiful.

Boo is a West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as a Westie. She’s a breed of dog originally from Scotland although 11-year-old Boo is 100% proudly Malaysian.

According to Jessica Tham, Boo is all bark and no bite whatsoever. She likes to strut around the house acting all tough like a schoolyard bully but splits at the slightest sign of trouble.

Among the things that scares her are people shouting (she often wonders why humans can’t speak in a calm and comfortable tone) and trips to the dreaded veterinary clinic where she is prodded and poked by two-legged aliens in scrubs.

Boo loves soaking in the hot Malaysian sun.

Back home, Boo is a combination naughty, jealous and loving. She passes her days playing with her numerous soft toys, going for leisurely walks and eyeballing cats – one of her favourite pastimes.

She is also very “manja”, promptly dropping whatever she’s playing with if she senses a cuddle or two coming her way.

One of Boo’s noticeable traits is her extreme greed. She gladly gobbles up everything and anything she is fed. Now, that’s a good puppy!

But no handouts for her because Boo works hard for her treats. Intelligent and obedient, Boo can “sit”, “stay”, “come” and give her paw on command.

(L) Flashing her brilliant smile. (R): Lounging around the house with her sister, Bella the Shih Tzu (in the background).

A truly friendly and sweet-natured dog, Boo loves everyone in her family – humans and dogs – and is equally amiable with perfect strangers and friends who drop by.

Although she has her own pillow to snooze on, one can pretty much find Boo catching 40 winks just about anywhere in the house – on Jessica’s bed, on the family sofa, on the floor. Way to go, Boo.

Boo, seen here with Bella.

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