Trailer: ‘Fuller House’ prepares to say farewell

Video screenshot: ‘Fuller House’ Farewell Season Official Trailer. © Netflix / YouTube

The fifth and final season of Netflix’s sitcom revival is drawing to a close on June 2, 2020.

In advance of “Fuller House” completing a five-season run, a new trailer prepares fans and viewers for an emotional wrap-up for the sitcom success.

While Netflix is saying goodbye to the show, the three leading ladies of “Fuller House” are saying goodbye to being single — they’re all getting married to their boyfriends.

Though its debut season was not well received at review, Netflix’s decision to renew for four successive seasons saw “Fuller House” collect nominations for the prestigious Emmy and Producers Guild awards, as well as three accolades from a string of Kid’s Choice and Teen Choice nominations.

Picking up two decades after its predecessor “Full House,” it brought back a host of original cast members and turned the tables on one of the first show’s three children: now a widowed veterinarian, DJ calls on her sister and her best friend to help her bring up her three kids (and her best friend’s daughter).

Like the last season of “Bojack Horseman,” fourth season of “Rick & Morty” and its own third season, this fifth outing for “Fuller House” is being delivered in two parts.

The first nine-episode section arrived in December 2019, with this conclusive part set for June 2, 2020.

What’s next for the “Fuller House” cast?

Candace Camero Bure (DJ Tanner-Fuller) has been leading Hallmark’s “Aurora Teagarden” crime-solving series of TV movies since 2015.

The character has her 13th detective mystery scheduled for 2020, with another in production; Bure is also racking up executive producer roles on the same series.

Meanwhile, Jodie Sweetin (sister Stephanie) is making her directorial debut through one of Season 5’s very last episodes, so we might see more of her behind the camera before long; similarly, Andrea Barber (best friend Kimmy) notched her first writer’s credit on Part 2’s premiere episode.