Doing right by Evo with home-cooked meals for dogs

Evo, the dog that inspired Bryant Tan to learn how to prepare wholesome, home-cooked meals for pets. (Evo Pets Kitchen pic)

PETALING JAYA: Bryant Tan was gutted at losing his beloved seven-year-old Rottweiler, Evo to cancer.

He couldn’t understand how a dog so young, exuberant and intelligent like him could have died so horribly from such a dreaded disease.

What was even more shocking was discovering that one of the likely reasons for his cancer was the commercial “premium dog food” he had been feeding him.

Determined to do right by Evo, Tan signed-up for a canine nutrition course to become a certified pet food nutrition specialist.

He didn’t just stop there.

In 2017, with the help of his wife, Tan set up Evo Pets Kitchen to help other pet owners provide a healthier and happier life for their dogs through nutritious, wholesome, home-cooked meals.

An excited Corgi who can’t wait to tuck into his fresh, home-cooked meal. (Evo Pets Kitchen pic)

Speaking to FMT, Tan said he equates feeding pets kibbles to humans consuming fast food on a daily basis.

“A majority of the kibble brands are made from low-quality ingredients, meat byproducts which are not fit for human consumption and are supplemented with additives, preservatives and colouring to entice our fur kids to continue eating,” explained Tan.

However, feeding your pet fresh, home-cooked meals with a broad spectrum of nutrients gives them healthier skin, a glossy coat, fresh-smelling breath, cleaner teeth and gums, and a stronger immune system, Tan explains.

So it should be no surprise that Evo Pets Kitchen uses only natural, human-grade ingredients sourced from local grocers and markets.

The meals at Evo Pets Kitchen contain high-quality, human-grade ingredients sourced from local grocers and markets. (Evo Pets Kitchen pic)

Serving Fido an Evo Pets Kitchen meal means he’ll be feasting on a delicious, high-quality and nutritious home-cooked selection of proteins, grains and complex carbohydrates devoid of dangerous meat by-products, preservatives, additives, MSG, colourings, sugar and salt.

Its premium range even includes blueberries and flax seeds while their standard range includes healthy grains such as brown rice, barley, oats and even quinoa.

In fact, this husband and wife duo are in the thick of things, cooking all the food themselves with the help of one other staff.

They take orders from Mondays to Fridays and also personally deliver the meals to customers around the Klang Valley.

Evo Pets Kitchen doesn’t just prepare fresh meals, Tan is also open to doing a spot of training when he makes a delivery.

Planning a holiday? You’ll be happy to know that Evo Pets Kitchen offers safe and homey boarding services as well.

Unlike conventional pet boarding arrangements, your pooches will not be cooped up in cages, but allowed to mingle freely with other dogs besides being fed delicious home-cooked meals.

Evo Pets Kitchen’s best-seller is their beef bonanza meal. They also sell ‘chicken fiesta’ and a fish meal using ingredients. (Evo Pets Kitchen pic)

According to Tan, there are still many pet owners who are unaware of the importance of fresh food for their pets as kibble feeding in the dog community is deeply-rooted in decades of heavy marketing.

Alternatives to kibbles are also rather limited besides being on the more expensive side.

“However, awareness is slowly building in the younger generation of pet owners within the age group of 20 to 40. They tend to be more health-conscious, be it for their pets or for themselves.”

One Poodle with severe skin allergies reversed her bad skin condition after eating Evo Pets Kitchen for three months. (Evo Pets Kitchen pic)

Evo Pets Kitchen is currently a part-time gig for this duo but they are hoping to be able to make it a full-time business soon.

“This way, we will be earning a living doing something that we love while spending more time with our lovely dogs at home.”

For more information, you can head over to Evo Pets Kitchen’s Facebook page.