Bailey, the dog who gallops like a horse

Bailey is a two-year-old adopted mix-breed with boundless energy.

Bailey is a two-year-old black beauty who Jessica Tham and her husband adopted when she was a stray.

She is a comical combination of naughty, jealous and loving, and being young, is still very much a playful puppy at heart.

A live wire, Bailey has boundless energy, most apparent when she “gallops like a horse, running so fast you can feel the wind blow past you”, Jessica says.

Being on the hyper side, you can count on Bailey getting up to mischief of every manner.

Her particular favourites are barking at total strangers strolling past outside or during incredible bursts of energy, furiously digging up daddy’s garden as she “flashes her crazy eyes at you”, Jessica says.

Bailey’s stunning orange-brown eyes flash with excitement when she gets up to mischief.

But one truly bizarre habit of Bailey’s is storing things in strange places.

For instance, during dinnertime, she will sometimes take a mouthful of her food and “hide” it under the car, near the garden rocks, or beside the gate. Later, she will casually walk up to her stash and feast on it.

She also has a habit of picking up Jessica’s shoes, carrying it in her mouth and placing it in some random spot – and for no apparent reason.

While not a picky eater, Bailey has a profound disdain for anything remotely “vegetable” in nature – so while kibbles, meat and rice is fine, keep the carrots and cabbage to yourself.

Like most dogs, Bailey is petrified of thunder, visits to the vet and shouting. She also gets nervous when she senses some form of punishment coming her way for a particularly nasty deed she’s committed.

Looking pretty smug – most likely after committing some great act of mischief like digging up daddy’s garden.

Despite her mostly happy-go-lucky nature, Bailey can be moody and turn aggressive at times – so best to be cautious around her and not take her for granted.

Being a rather big and strong dog who sheds quite a bit, Bailey does not sleep indoors like her siblings Boo the Westie and Bella the Shih Tzu, but spends her nights sleeping in the garden.

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