Tech watch warns wearers of social distancing boundaries

The Safe Spacer wristband warns the wearer if they’re too close to another person based on social distancing guidelines. © Courtesy of IK Multimedia Safe Spacer

IK Multimedia this week unveiled the Safe Spacer wearable, a wristband that can alert workers when they’re too close to another person and are therefore risking the transmission of Covid-19.

In an attempt to ease the minds of workers on the job while the COVID-19 transmission risk is still high, IK Multimedia announced Thursday a battery-powered wearable that will alert wearers when they come within 6ft of another device — aka, another person wearing a Safe Spacer.

This wearable comes in the form of a wristband, and the warnings can be customized as visual, vibrating, or audio alarms. The measurements are purportedly “ultra-precise” and can accurately calculate distances within four inches of their actual value.

IK Multimedia states that the device works right out of the box with no set-up necessary.

Because the wristband detects the proximity of other devices, it’s necessary for all people in a space — like a factory, school, office or museum — to wear one in order for social distance guidelines to be fully observed.

If desired, each device can be associated with an individual thanks to an integrated ID tag and built-in memory.

The Safe Spacer will be available for purchase starting in Q3 of this year for US$99.99 or €99.99.