Tiny Teito, the gentle bully of the Pereira household

Teito is a six-year-old Toy Poodle, who is the darling of the Pereira household.

Teito is a delightful six-year-old Toy Poodle who lives with Angeline Pereira and her family. Considered the family “hero”, Teito has a special place in everyone’s heart mostly because he fought real hard for his life when he was a wee little pup.

“We got him when he was only two weeks old, a timid little pup who was sick most of the time. We felt gutted when the vet told us once he may not survive. Thankfully, he did pull through,” Angeline says.

A strong and exuberant dog today brimming with energy, Teito can do no wrong as far as Angeline’s parents are concerned. And no one knows this better than Teito himself.

He only obeys Angeline’s dad and is quite content to bully everyone else. His biggest victim is Angeline’s mom.

“He drives her up the wall with his mischief but at the same time follows her everywhere she goes like a little white shadow,” Angeline says.

Teito only listens to dad and loves to ‘bully’ mom.

“My mom is so fond of him that every time she’s away on vacation, she calls home to check on how Teito’s doing, and yes of course, Teito the great actor loses his appetite during this time too,” Angeline says, adding that it’s almost as if both of them suffer from some form of separation anxiety.

Angeline says Teito gets super excited whenever her parents tell him the kids are coming home. “He will sit by the gate the whole day and will look hard at every single car that passes by.”

When he does spot them, he breaks out in a frenzied display of excitement that Angeline says is quite “unbelievable” and always brings a smile to her face.

“I should say we are so blessed to have him, he understands everything we do at home. He also seems to sense if one of us is sick, angry or happy.”

Angeline says she will always be amazed at how a dog can have so many emotions and bring so much love into the lives of others.

“Teito, thank you for being part of our lives and we love you more every day.”

Teito having a good time in the sun.

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