Benji, the perfect cuddle buddy and leader of the pack

Benji is an energetic and loving four-year-old with a quirky personality.

Benji was adopted from the animal shelter SPCA when he was just three months old. Rani says his first few months at home were rather lonely as their other cat Bella, didn’t take an instant liking to him. So Benji played by himself most of the time.

“However, two other kitties came along and my house has since become like a mini playground. Best of all? Benji emerged as the leader of the pack,” Rani says.

Benji is extremely naughty and playful even at four years old and loves to dash maniacally all over the house, launching himself off the sofa, jumping onto tables and hanging precariously from windows.

“Every now and then, the other kitties join him and the house will be in utter chaos.” This circus usually lasts for about 10 minutes, after which Benji, totally spent from this high-intensity workout, will collapse into a sound sleep on his favourite spot on the sofa.

Benji has laid claim to almost every spot in the household including the sofa, table, chairs and everyone’s laps.

“Benji is a people person. He basically loves everybody and of course, everybody loves him back. When he hears his name called, he’ll come running from whichever corner of the house he’s in, like a cat on a mission.”

Rani says Benji is also rather clingy. “After playtime is cuddle time – and he’ll jump onto my lap asking to be petted until he dozes off like a baby. He’s the perfect cuddle buddy, I would say – especially when I’m watching Netflix.”

Always game for some action, from chasing his favourite laser points to eyeballing lizards scaling the ceiling, Benji loves chasing them even if he never catches his “prey”.

When he’s not playing catch, Benji loves climbing the windows, and hanging there with one dainty leg out, just watching the world outside go by. “Sometimes, it seems like he’s in deep thought thinking about who knows what,” Rani says, laughing.

A voracious eater, Benji loves his kibble. He’s pretty particular about timing too and expects a fresh batch in his bowl at precisely 6 am, 12 pm and 6 pm. If he finds his bowl empty, you can be very sure he’ll bring the house down with his loud protestations.

Benji loves his human family immensely and will come running the moment he hears his name being called.

“Despite getting the biggest helping of kibbles compared to the other kitties, Benji has this bad habit of stealing food from our table. Probably just him being a rebel. He’s also rather scheming, and knows precisely when to sneak up and steal food when no one’s looking,” Rani says.

Pretty much a bold and confident kitty, Benji is however no match for Rani’s mom and will split the scene in a nanosecond the moment he senses trouble.

“My mum will shout at him whenever he does something naughty. And he just scoots off and hides whenever this happens – like a small boy.”

Benji’s favourite spot to sleep is on one’s lap. “Whenever he’s sleepy, he’ll just jump onto one of our laps and get comfortable not caring whatever we’re in the midst of doing.”

And if he faces rejection, no hard feelings! He just saunters off to his second favourite spot – on the sofa facing the window.

After great bursts of activity running around the house and hanging precariously from windows, Benji loves nothing better than indulging in a good snooze to recoup his energy.

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