Miss CLean sanitiser dispenser is smart and contact-free

Miss CLean is an urban, outdoor, non-contact, hand-sanitiser dispenser. (La Barrière Automatique Miss Clean pic)

PARIS: French company La Barrière Automatique (LBA) presents Miss CLean, a vandal-proof, non-contact, hand-sanitiser dispenser designed for outdoor use: a unique product that will be particularly useful in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

The new patented device dispenses single doses of sanitiser using automatic infrared hand detection.

Simply placed on a concrete base, it can be easily installed in a car park or at the entrance to a building (factory, public office, store etc) where it is needed to combat the danger of Covid-19.

The result of 30 years of know-how at AMCO Les Escamotables, which is part of the LBA Group, the ecological dispenser can be powered either by an electrical connection, rechargeable batteries, or solar energy.

Moreover, its large capacity (up to 15,000 doses) reduces the use of plastic packaging and travel necessary for its maintenance.

Directly connected to the internet, it displays the number of remaining doses it contains in real time.

Once the coronavirus crisis is over, it can easily be reconverted into a phone charging station for public spaces.

The dispenser can be fully customised in the colours of a local government or brand identity.

The French city of Lyon is one of the first cities to have purchased the dispenser, whose progressive deployment should make it possible to effectively fight against the virus while modifying the manner in which people use sanitiser in urban areas.