MyTuition: Offering online classrooms while schools stay shut

With schools and tuition centres still shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students are no longer able to attend educational seminars or take tuition classes. (Eddie Lim pic)

PETALING JAYA: The prevailing situation in which schools and tuition centres are still closed because of the Covid-19 outbreak may seem like a blessing to many school students.

Parents, however, are unsurprisingly fretting about their children’s education and are no doubt searching for ways to keep their children from idling about at home.

Offering a timely solution to this quandary is MyTuition, an online learning platform that connects students from all across the country to experienced educators.

Instead of having to rely on the physical presence of teachers and private tutors, students can instead be given lessons in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Eddie Lim Yit Men, former national athlete and SEA Games gold medallist, is the man behind MyTuition.

With a strong belief in life-changing education, Lim has been advocating the importance of education to school students nationwide ever since his retirement from professional sports.

According to Lim, MyTuition’s aim is to provide students with a comprehensive classroom learning experience on a virtual platform.

“In other words, it will be able to serve as an online ‘tuition centre’,” he said.

MyTuition was first conceived when Lim and his business partner, Ng Keng Fai, realised that tuition students were limited geographically in terms of the teachers they could learn from.

MyTuition is an online platform that brings teachers and students from across the country together in a virtual classroom. (Screenshot taken from

This was particularly noticeable when after their organised seminars, they would receive requests from students wishing to continue their lessons with teachers based in other states.

“We also noticed that most teachers and private tutors are forced to repeat their lessons to different groups of students because class sizes are limited by physical constraints of traditional brick and mortar tuition centres,” added Lim.

Hence, MyTuition was born as a solution to these issues and to provide students a means to connect with teachers physically distant from them.

“We decided to work on this because we saw an opportunity and need in the market to assemble the best teachers in the country in one single online platform for students to learn from.”

Lim notes that many teachers during the country’s movement control order period from mid-March to end April were resorting to streaming applications, Zoom and Skype, to conduct their lessons.

While these applications are good for streaming, they are not particularly conducive as a classroom environment. Thus, concluded Lim, Malaysia’s education system was unfortunately crippled for a while.

His introduction of MyTuition has since been receiving positive responses from educators, parents and students alike.

“A lot of them are looking forward to the possibility of finally being able to learn from the best teachers in the country without having to worry about the location of these teachers.”

It helps that MyTuition is accessible to any and all teachers and students across the country.

For now, MyTuition is focusing on the secondary school and IGCSE syllabuses and has recruited a team of experienced and even award-winning teachers to provide lessons on the platform.

Eddie Lim was a former national athlete and SEA Games gold medallist who has since become an education advocate in Malaysia. (Eddie Lim pic)

Teachers on the platform are given a free hand to create quality content as well as receive fees from students interested in lessons with them.

“We welcome all teachers and private tutors who would like to list their classes on the platform to sign up their interest as a tutor on the website.”

These payments will be lower compared to physical tuition centre fees due to the lack of overhead costs, said Lim.

Lim expressed his hope that MyTuition will give students the privilege of choice when it comes to learning from the best teachers in Malaysia.

“We hope that this platform will become an online marketplace for the systematic transfer of knowledge between all teachers and students in the country,” said Lim.

When asked how MyTuition would change once schools reopen, Lim said that he expects that schools will be one of the last sectors to be allowed to reopen even when restrictions end.

“MyTuition will continue to function as an online education platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge,” he said.

“Parents and students will need to embrace online learning as the new norm, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

To register an account, visit Free classes will be available throughout June for the first 10,000 students who sign up now until June 1, 2020.