Google Assistant can soon verify purchases with voice confirmation

Owners of devices that support the Google Assistant could soon make and verify purchases just with their voices. © Google/Twitter

Would you trust your voice assistant enough to use only your voice to verify a purchase?

Whether you share your Google Assistant-powered device with your family or have it all to yourself, Android Police reported that this tech will soon be able to let you make and confirm payments with just your voice — a feature that could be concerning for those with kids or even roommates who could do a little shopping on your account without permission.

If a user chooses to enable such a feature, Google warns that people with a similar-sounding voice or a recording could make purchases on their behalf.

However, to limit the financial damage someone could inflict on another’s bank account, a Google representative told the media outlet that “Purchases made in this manner are also subject to limits, including a maximum (but undefined and presumably price-based) limit per transaction, and a similarly nebulous number of transactions per day.”

Right now, this option is just available as a limited pilot program that launched for smart speakers and displays with the Google Assistant.

While the company hasn’t announced the feature to the public, they have confirmed its development privately to Android Police, who believe more about it will be unveiled in the near future.