Maxil, the little Florence Nightingale with the softest purr

Maxil is a hyperactive kitty who sits in the funniest positions.

Most people perceive cats as cold, uncaring and selfish. But only those who’ve actually lived with a cat will understand how warm, loving and sensitive they are.

So it was with Priya and her cat Maxil, a common stray she adopted from PetFinder during her college days.

Aside from being the cheekiest ever cat she’s known, Maxil is also rather vocal, Priya says, and feels the need to tell the world about all he’s been up to during the day.

He’s also super active, finding it extremely hard to sit still for more than a few minutes unless exhaustion takes over, forcing him into a sweet slumber.

When exhaustion takes over, you can find Maxil curled up in a tight ball, fast asleep.

Priya says Maxil has a bit of an ego though and will only display his softer side on his own terms.

“Maxil is the first cat to change my perception about them – that they can be loving too. The sweetest, unexpected thing he did once was when I was really sick.

“Despite hating to be carried or petted, Maxil sat by my head and purred the entire time I lay in bed sick,” Priya says, adding that she was very touched and somewhat surprised that he did that.

‘Can I be of assistance?’, Maxil seems to say.

When he isn’t playing “nurse” with the perfect bedside manners, Maxil likes to amuse himself by playing hide and seek with Priya and chasing after his many toys.

In the evenings, he likes to while away the time by watching Priya’s dad do the gardening. He is particularly fascinated with watching the plants get watered.

A voracious eater, Maxil eats just about anything you put in front of him, yet another trait that goes against the perception that cats are finicky eaters.

But like most pets whether cats or dogs, Maxil is terrified of the sound the dreaded vacuum cleaner makes. In fact, he hates loud sounds of any kind including sudden movements that make him jump out of his skin.

When he isn’t practising some kind of acrobatics, you can find Maxil sound asleep, belly-up, on Priya’s bed.

“He has the most ridiculous sitting positions,” Priya says. So don’t be surprised to find Maxil looking perfectly serene despite being all knotted up like a murukku.

“He also loves his wife, Yuna and is a wonderful father,” Priya says.

Alas, Maxil and Yuna were given away to a dear friend when Priya’s family welcomed a rambunctious young dog called Basha, into their home.

But the story has a happy ending as both Maxil and Yuna are still together and very happy in their new forever home.

Having an appreciation for art, Maxil used to like sitting beside Priya while she sketched.

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