Grindr removes ethnicity filters from dating platform

Grindr is removing the ethnicity filter on its dating platform. © 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

LOS ANGELES: Grindr has announced that the ethnicity filters are being removed from their dating app in a move to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

In an attempt to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement taking the US by storm right now, Grindr — a dating app designed for the gay, bi, trans, and queer communities — announced through Twitter that the ethinicity filter is being removed from the platform.

This move is considered by many as coming late, especially since the company launched an anti-racism campaign in 2018 designed to address sexual racism.

Despite the removal of this filter, algorithms have been previously used by dating apps similar to Grindr which present users with people who resemble their previous matches.

While The Guardian reported that Grindr denied using such technology, creating an unbiased intelligent technology is currently an impossible feat.

This change, which will no longer allow people to select certain ethnicities from being filtered out from their potential matches, will roll out with the next update.