The joys of sleeping with an Android

Google’s Bedtime wants to help Pixel users sleep better. (Rawpixel pic)

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Google has presented a new “Bedtime” feature to aid restful sleep, which for the time being will only be available on the Mountain View giant’s Pixel-branded smartphones.

A new update of the Clock application, which, for the moment, only works on Pixel phones, installs a “Bedtime” tab next to the “Alarm, “Timer” and “Stopwatch.” The new feature enables users to set going-to-bed and wake-up times for every day of the week, so as to benefit from more restful sleep.

With the new functionality, you can configure a fixed bedtime and a default alarm for every day of the week, which should encourage a healthier and much more regular sleep pattern.

Among the options on offer, there is a sunrise alarm that causes the display to slowly brighten before it finally rings, and a vibration alarm for more discreet wake-up calls.

And when going to bed, there is a wealth of restful sounds to choose from.

In the future, the new feature will be made available for all Android smartphones with an update for the “Clock” application, however, the date for this has not yet been disclosed.