Yuna, graceful kitty with the sweetest of meows

Yuna is a vocal cat with the sweetest of meows.

Just like Malaysia’s singer Yuna, this cat too has the sweetest of voices that she knows how to use to express her emotions.

Yuna was rescued by Priya, as a tiny kitten all wet and dirty behind a student hostel.

“She was very friendly so I believe she ran away from another human. But since no one came looking for her, I decided to take her in,” Priya says, naming the kitten Yuna after her favourite artiste.

Priya says Yuna is so beautiful that even her eyes look like they have natural eyeliner.

Yuna is an exquisite long-haired, silver-coated cat with the softest ever fur and the fluffiest tail. “She has the most beautiful eyes and looks like she’s wearing eyeliner all day long,” Priya says.

She is also very gentle by nature and loves nothing better than sitting on your lap and getting as many cuddles and caresses as she can.

Yuna has the softest ever fur, Priya says.

“Never once has Yuna used her claws on us or ever hissed at us unlike her brat husband, Maxil, who can be just the opposite. Yuna is just a total stunner, in every sense of the word,” Priya says.

So kind and gentle is Yuna that she was the best mother ever to the five kittens she had with Maxil. “She played with them and was so patient when the kids hissed at her when she got back from surgery after a spaying. I guess she smelled different to them.”

Rather young at heart despite being a mum, Yuna still loves her toys with all her heart and chases the laser light with gusto. “She also likes to play pretentious chase games,” Priya says.

Yuna seen here snuggling up with the tiny Maxil.

Unlike many cats that are fussy with their food, Yuna eats everything you serve and has excellent table manners. “Yuna is a graceful eater. She never makes a mess of her food and takes her time with her meals. Heck, she even poops cleanly, careful to cover up everything in her kitty litter tray.”

A confident and loving kitty, Yuna will drop whatever she’s up to and come running when she hears her name being called. She’s also a very vocal cat and loves to have conversations with her humans.

Maxi and Yuna having a snooze.

“She will reply to anything we say to her in the sweetest, softest voice. She will also meow softly when being cuddled. But if she’s left alone, which she positively hates, she will bring the house down with her loud meows of protests.”

Like most pets, Yuna is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and other sudden loud sounds or movements,” Priya says.

Yuna is quite a homebody and dislikes going outside. She does however like to perch in high places so she can survey her little “kingdom” below.

Yuna no longer lives with Priya now, but with Aisha who also took in Maxil.

Yuna and Maxil are also a couple who had a litter of five kittens together.

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