Meet Burpee, the garden destroyer

Burpee loves nothing better than spending her time in the garden.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you! Burpee, the five-year-old Golden Retriever Mix belonging to Lim Wei Wen, is a terror in the garden.

When left to her own devices, you can find her digging up the sand with gusto, mutilating plants of every variety, and snapping off beautiful blooms with her bare teeth.

She loves being outdoors so much, that she even prefers sleeping outside at night, under the car or directly on the grass to be as close to Mother Nature as possible.

Don’t let this beautiful face fool you – Burpee can destroy your garden in a second.

An adopted dog, Wei Wen says Burpee is rather cheeky and has a naughty streak, evidenced by her handiwork in the garden.

While she does love going for walks, Wei Wen is certain Burpee would happily trade that activity for a chance to have a go at the garden, uprooting plants and flowers that her mother painstakingly plants every now and then.

“There’s a big, deep hole in the garden where I used to park my car, courtesy of dearest Burpee,” Wei Wen says.

(L): Looking effortlessly beautiful while chilling. (R): Good-natured enough to let her humans dress her up in ‘fruit helmets’.

When she’s not reworking the landscaping, Burpee likes barking at random people walking outside, showing them just how brave and fierce she is when she’s actually quite the opposite, Wei Wen says.

“She’s terrified of thunder and lighting for one, and absolutely detests bath-time for another.”

A strictly meat-loving canine, Burpee has a weakness for pork specifically but wolfs down treats of every kind – the more the merrier.

Who can resist that sweet face?

Intelligent and obedient, Burpee can “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “walk”, “sit up” and do a “high five” on command.

While she’s friendly and loving after getting to know you, Burpee can be extremely fierce with strangers, particularly if her human family is nowhere around.

“Do not try entering my house if we’re not there because Burpee will attack,” Wei Wen says.

One queer habit Burpee has is burying food she either doesn’t like or cannot finish. At the end of the day, it’s back to the garden for Burpee.

When she’s not mutilating every living plant in the garden, Burpee likes to fool around with her soft toys.

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