Brie, the ‘chunky ball’ who can snore the house down

Brie is a young English Bulldog with the sweetest of personalities and the loudest of snores.

Brie is a one-year, seven-month old English Bulldog who was the runt of the litter. She came with a limp and skin problems but since Kara Simon always wanted an English bulldog, she bought Brie anyway.

With loads of love and care, Brie’s skin is now perfect and the veterinarians even say she has the best skin they’ve ever seen on a bulldog. Brie is also so much stronger and walks without a limp.

(L): Kara Simon and the adorable Brie. (R): Bet Brie smells some delicious dog treats in that bag.

“Brie is very sociable, active and cheeky. She gets along with any dog and loves humans,” Kara says.

“When we take her to the park, she goes up to everyone to ask for pats. Once she gets a pat, she’ll move on to the next person.”

Kara also believes Brie thinks she’s a big dog. “She only plays with big dogs and she has so much energy that she usually tires them out. Maybe she thinks only big dogs can handle her energy,” Kara says, laughing.

(L): Brie loves lounging on the sofa. (R): When she sleeps, the whole house knows it because of her loud snores.

“She’s a funny girl who snores really loudly, farts and burps in our faces. She’s also very clingy and needs to always have physical contact with us. So when she’s taking a nap, she has to rest either her head or paws on one of us.

“When we’re working from home, she will happily sleep on our feet. I am also her chair, she sits on me,” Kara says.

(L): Brie chilling in the living room. (R): At the park where she’s her happiest.

Brie loves playing catch, tug-of-war and absolutely loves her squeaky toys.

“We try to take her for walks or swims just to make sure she doesn’t get too heavy – she’s about 22kgs now.

“Only thing is, she hates swimming and always looks so annoyed when she’s in the pool, and sometimes she’s too lazy to walk although she loves being at the dog park.”

(L): Brie looking pretty annoyed at having to swim. (R): Although she doesn’t like walking, she enjoys spending time at the park.

“We also call her our little thief because she’s stolen a few items without us finding out until much later. Brie has a sensitive stomach so we are quite strict with her diet but she is a HUGE fan of durian and prawns,” Kara says, adding that the smell of durian drives Brie crazy with happiness.

Unlike most dogs who hate to be given a bath, Brie loves bath time. “When she sees her towel, she gets so excited and tries to pull it away from us, dragging us to the bathroom in the process,” Kara says.

“She has often fallen asleep while being shampooed.”

Brie and friend flashing their biggest smiles.

This happy-go-lucky girl is rather smart too. “She knows some tricks like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘wait’, ‘eat’ and ‘come up’ when asked to jump onto the couch.

“We tried to teach her ‘paw’ but she’s a little chunky ball and if she tries to give us a paw, she might topple over.”

Most nights, Brie sleeps on the sofa or her own bed in the living room. “We would love to have her in our room but she snores way too loud and between her and my husband, I don’t think I’ll get any sleep!”

Brie in deep sleep – but snoring ever so loudly.

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