Telephones, trillions and tunes trending in tech

After being the first company to reach a $1 trillion market valuation in 2018, Apple Inc. could be the first to reach $2 trillion, as well. (AFP pic)

MOUNTAIN VIEW: On a regular basis, Google compiles a list of which technology topics are being queried the most by its US users in its dedicated Search engine.

Believe it or not, over the weekend, a mobile phone with a rotary dialler and 4G connectivity were among the most trending topics.

Over the weekend, tech giants like OnePlus, Apple, and Samsung led the trending technology search topics on Google Search.

OnePlus • India

Though the OnePlus 8 smartphone lineup launched on May 29, a single feature of the device has been trending over the weekend on Google: its 5G support.

While integrating this type of connectivity is no longer noteworthy as it’s the norm for flagship smartphones, the fact that this 5G device is launching in India where 5G connectivity is still suspected to be years away from practical public accessibility has drawn some attention as of late on Google Search.

On the bright side, the handset can support 4G, and can be purchased in India at a variety of sale prices, which were announced over the weekend.

Apple • Nasdaq • Stock

Apple has been nearing the top of Google’s tech-oriented Search trends thanks to how close the company is reaching a US$2 trillion valuation — even in the wake of an international pandemic — on the market. Back in 2018, the company became the first in history to reach US$1 trillion.

This new record could be attained even before 2024, according to Stocks Newswire.

Computer security • Zoom Video Communications • Vulnerability • User

Once again over this weekend, Zoom was a hot topic within Google Search because of its security flaws. This time, there were vulnerabilities in the software that allowed hackers to hijack calls and chat.

These bugs, however, have already been fixed by the company in the latest update of the service. Zoom users should always update their software to the latest version to ensure that vulnerabilities have been addressed and corrected.

Samsung Galaxy • BTS

It was recently announced that Samsung will be launching a purple BTS version of their Galaxy Buds+.

The K-Pop group inspired headphones will retail for about $100. These special edition Buds+ are slated to launch on July 9.

Mobile phone • 4G • Dialer

Also drawing in a particularly strong audience on Search was a mobile phone with a rotary dial and 4G connectivity reported on by Checkersaga.

While the original version has no screen or camera and just 3G connectivity, the creator, Justine Haupt received so many requests that a 4G iteration will be launched by the end of the year.