Apple granted patent for social distancing group photos

Apple has been granted a patent that would allow people to take group pictures while social distancing.

CUPERTINO: Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for “synthetic group selfies,” a technology that helps users take group shots while still being appropriately socially distanced.

While people across the world are slowly regaining their rights to go outside in public areas as the Covid-19 risk decreases in various regions, most governments are still requiring people to follow social-distancing mandates – guidelines which can make it difficult to photographically document time spent with friends and family.

Apple may have a solution in mind, but whether it makes it to reality or not has yet to be determined.

Last week, the company was granted a patent by the USPTO that would help people create “synthetic group selfies” from individual selfies.

In fact, the patent describes a device with such software integrated as being able to “automatically arrange the individual selfies into the synthetic group selfie.”

The patent doesn’t specify for which type of “computing device” this technology could be available on, though it’s a safe bet that iPhones would likely support the feature.

This patent was actually originally filed back in 2018 long before the current Covid-19 outbreak, so it’s likely that Apple had other intentions for the tech rather than to take socially responsible group photos.

In any case, considering that the outbreak did occur, now would be the perfect time for Apple to bring such a concept to reality.