Google Maps adds new coronavirus transit alerts

Google Maps now features alerts for COVID-19 risks on public transport. (AFP pic)

Google has announced a range of new functionalities for its Maps application, which will take into account provisions to combat Covid-19.

The new features will be progressively deployed around the world when the necessary data has been made available by public agencies.

Regardless of the means of transport and the type of journey sought (public transport, automobile, bicycle, on foot), the application will indicate if the route is affected by restrictions related to the coronavirus.

Alerts will take the form of the message: “Public transport may be impacted due to Covid-19”. The overall goal is to enable users to choose the best-adapted route and means of transport with the lowest possible risk of infection.

In another new feature, Maps will soon offer a wealth of practical data specifically related to public transport: notably information on how crowded it is (which in turn has an impact on social distancing), the level to which it is accessible and temperatures in transports themselves as well as in individual stations.