Issues to consider when hiring freelancers

Look for professionals with knowledge, already trained and with previous experience, ready to take the project forward. (Rawpixel pic)

Like many things have changed in the past, today the concept of work is also being observed in the smallest details.

In this almost-100% digital world and with the insertion of millennials in the job market, work is not so much a place where people go, but something people choose to do and develop.

This vision not only impacts the workers but also transforms organisations.

Companies are increasingly aware that resources are limited and that projects are endless.

When facing new projects, there’s also the necessary counterpart of not oversizing structures with projects that are increasingly resolved based on specific dates and times, and that can usually last up to a week.

Alternative methods to enhance your internal teams

There has been a huge digital transformation that has forced organisations to seek alternative methods to change the way they carry out projects.

This is where the agility offered by platforms like Workana can turn into tools, through which it’s necessary to rearrange existing resources, focusing them on projects that have a direct impact on the objectives, while external professionals deal with more operational tasks.

Professionals with knowledge, already trained and with previous experience, ready to take the project forward can be accessed easily as well.

The searches Workana has done for companies are the most diverse: mechanical engineers, marketing professionals, programming, corporate videos, and such.

The doubts customers often have may be related to not knowing what a freelancer is able to do and what kind of profiles can be found or how, and in which way or which projects they can choose to move forward with this option.

The reality is that there’s an incredible variety of profiles: senior professionals with many years of experience, who wish to take on new challenges and increase their income, to professionals who are just starting out, eager to put into practice their knowledge and experiences.

What HR should look for

First of all, assess the knowledge the professional should have. They can focus on specific technical skills as a programmer, designer, translator, to skills such as language skills, communication skills, empathy, curiosity, among others.

When assessing a professional, focus on specific technical skills as well as soft skills. (Rawpixel pic)

Some other points to consider:

  • Time frame: Have a clear start and completion date for the project (at least estimated).
  • Types of deliverables: Define what types of deliverables are expected (applied to the project) and under what conditions are they expected to be received. Examples: source codes, brand manuals, documents, etc.
  • Communication channel: it’s very important to keep communication through Workana continuously, setting schedules and preferred types.
  • Advances of presentations: It’s important to agree in advance on the frequency and time expected for the professional to present the advances. This helps to make corrections along the way, if necessary.
  • Hours needed for a project: A minimum number of hours required per week, if it’s necessary to work at a specific time or have a set period to answer questions, engage customers in the chat, pick up calls, meetings, etc.

What has to be solved

Before starting the search, the company must carry out a reflection exercise and try to cover most of the following requirements.

• It’s important to have a brief summary of the project that covers what it’s about, what is expected, how the objectives will be achieved, when and with what budget.

• This summary should be as clear as possible, not only to help define which profiles are indicated for the project but also as a document in which the client and the professional can start working on.

• Define if you prefer the project to be executed at a fixed price, with defined deliverables, or if the by hours modality is the best option because the professional is expected to fulfil specific tasks, which can change over the course of a project.

This article may be helpful: Fixed price projects or projects per hour: what is the best work modality with a freelancer?

• The work material to be delivered to a professional should already be available and decided on, in order to move the project forward, optimising the time and quality of work.

* This article is a collaboration of Mauro Forchino and Silvia Cura, members of the Workana Enterprise Team.

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