Miao: From gangster girl to pretty princess

Miao, the stray cat who ‘adopted’ Regina Lum.

Here’s the bobbed-tailed calico cat who seduced her way into Regina Lum’s house. Her name is Miao, for real. “We didn’t want to name a stray so we wouldn’t get attached but she stayed on, as did her nickname,” Regina says.

Miao came to Regina’s life in August 2017, as a pregnant “queen” and gave birth in the area, but she lost a kitten when she opted to move her nest away and got promptly evicted.

So Regina temporarily took her and the three kittens in and found them a box.

Miao with her first litter of kittens.

When getting a medical check up, the veterinarian said Miao could be spayed after her kittens had weaned off her milk but before a spaying could scheduled, Regina says Miao had a fling with a handsome ginger tom in the neighbourhood and became a mother again, this time of five little kittens. This was in December 2017.

Miao with her second litter of kittens after a fling with a handsome ginger tom in her neighbourhood.

Not wanting to repeat her mistake, Regina became the villainous human and made sure Miao was kept under house arrest until she finally got spayed.

“Ever since, she’s been loving the outdoors and indoors. Whenever she gets bored of cat food, she’ll go begging for some scrumptious chicken from the uncle selling chicken rice,” Regina says.

Somewhat of a neighbourhood gangster, Miao even sits like a neighbourhood terror.

Miao has also gained some notoriety as the neighbourhood gangster.

“Miao the Terror is the nightmare of the neighbourhood’s dogs as she would chase them from one end of the street to another whenever she sees one.

“She has even taken to bullying her son while he sleeps, and fat-shames her daughter by playfully nipping on her thighs.

“She’s a rebel that does not conform to regular beauty standards nor sits like a lady.”

Miao in one of her more contemplative moments.

When she’s not being a naughty kitty, she’ll look at the sky and realise how small she is on this big blue planet, Regina says.

Sometimes, she’s a botanist who likes to check out the weeds in a pot.

When she isn’t patrolling the neighbourhood like a gangster, or quietly contemplating the universe and the meaning of life, Miao can be found lounging on the sofa.

Regina says that when Miao stretches out like this, it’s almost as if she’s hoping some artist would draw her like a French girl.
Regina says Miao’s a sweetie pie who loves getting head scratches at midnight.

Regina says, “Adopt, don’t shop. A little love can do a lot to change the world for one cat… and her kittens.”

Miao has blossomed from the scrawny stray she was in 2017 to the lovely and luscious princess she is today.

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