Santorini Park Cha-am: An imaginary journey to Greece

The whitewashed walls and blue shutters recreate the feel of the real Santorini in Greece.

Hua Hin has many attractions inspired by famous places around the world. These include Swiss and Middle Eastern-themed farms and a Venice theme park.

A 40-minute drive outside Hua Hin, in Cha-am district, is Santorini Park, where one can imagine oneself on that picturesque Greek island.

Walking into the main area, one cannot help but admire the whitewashed buildings, the blue painted windows and the stone-paved paths.

The THB500 (RM68) per person entrance fee to the park includes two rides at the amusement park.

Visiting Santorini Park

Santoruini Park is an easy drive from Hua Hin to Cha-am district. It is well worth taking a mini road trip to enjoy an imaginary journey to Greece.

Driving in Thailand is a breeze. The highways are free and very well maintained.

The scenery on the way to the park is completely different to Malaysia’s. Peninsular Malaysia it is quite hilly but the landscape around Hua Hin offers wide, flat vistas.

It is a good idea to arrive early at the park to avoid the crowds. The THB500 (RM68) per person entrance fee includes two rides at the amusement park. The park itself is divided into four zones.

Catch a panoramic view of the area on the Ferris wheel.

Park Zone: is the amusement park where the rides and games are located on landscaped grounds.

Village Zone: where the Santorini architecture and its island vibe rule. More than 100 stores selling everything from apparel to souvenirs line its maze of stone-paved streets in two-storey whitewashed buildings. It is also the best way to seek shelter from Cha-am’s heat as the stores are air conditioned.

Rest Zone: where the food and beverage outlets are located. There is also a prayer room for Muslims.

Activities Zone: is a 3,000 square metre outdoor area that offers games such as chess and tic-tac-toe and provides space for open-air concerts. The Weekend Art Market offer flea-market-style shopping for a range of souvenirs and handicrafts.

The Activities Zone is a 3,000 square metre outdoor area that offers games such as chess and tic-tac-toe.


Santorini Park is a nice place to visit with the family for a couple of hours. It is very well maintained and there is even a hotel on site. The only downside is the weather — the mid-afternoon heat can be unbearable.

As a place inspired by Santorini, Greece, Santorini Park has done a good job in creating a theme park that is fun and beautiful at the same time. Everything has been done right.

Khai and wife Amira are Malaysian travel bloggers who blog at Kaki Jalans. Their travels have taken them to almost all the countries in Asean and five countries in Europe. They are still actively travelling and adding to this list.