Victoria Beckham steps up for Pride Month

The T-shirt presented by Victoria Beckham for Pride Month. © Courtesy of Victoria Beckham

LONDON: British designer Victoria Beckham and her eponymous brand ( are mobilising for LGBTQ+ Month with the launch of a slogan T-shirt to raise funds for akt (previously the Albert Kennedy Trust), an organisation that provides support for LGBTQ+ young people who are homeless or battling with a hostile environment.

For the second year in a row, Victoria Beckham is organising support for the LGBTQ+ community on the occasion of Pride Month.

This time around, the British designer has created a T-shirt bearing the inscription “Listen Without Prejudice” in rainbow-coloured text, a nod to George Michael’s iconic album released almost 30 years ago in September, 1990.

Included in the Victoria Beckham VVB collection, the T-shirt is available in grey or white, offering two different contrasts to the rainbow text, which is one of the symbols of the LGBTQ+ community.

The brand has announced that 25% of the proceeds from sales of the T-shirt will be donated to the akt (formerly the Albert Kennedy Trust).

Every year in the month of June, numerous Pride marches are organised all over the world to demand freedom, equality and love for all. In 2020, the health crisis resulted in the cancellation or postponement of several of these events, which were moved onto social networks.