Loki, the adorable ringleader of the Teh household

Loki is much loved by everyone in Teh Yin Wen’s household.

Loki is a four-year-old mix-breed, likely of Border Collie and Spitz parentage.

He and his siblings were born to a pair of strays in Petaling Jaya one rainy evening, but thankfully since the pups were fostered by the kind person who found them huddled under a car, Loki eventually found a forever home with Teh Yin Wen.

She remembers well her first meeting with Loki and his siblings. “They looked like small teddy bears. Each and every one of them, so precious!”

She says one pup caught her eye, mostly because he was naughty – nibbling his siblings’ ears and running around like a rebel.

“He was like the ringleader and just so adorable. Out of nowhere, the name Loki came to me, and yes, cause he was so mischievous,” Yin Wen says, adding that his siblings and parents were all eventually adopted too by kindhearted people.

Loki flashing his most handsome smile at Christmas time.

Yin Wen says she knew instinctively that Loki would be “the sweetest little thing ever” and she was right.

“He’s the sweetest, most manja dog when he’s home with the family but the moment he steps foot outside, he turns into a fierce and loyal protector.”

Loki looks deceivingly cute and adorable to most people who think it’s okay to pet but when they try, he lets out the scariest ever bark that shocks them, Yin Wen says.

“I think people still find it hard to believe that he allows me to cuddle him. Oh and yes, he’s a jealous boy. If he picks up the scent of another dog on us, he will sniff the life out of us, then ignore us for the rest of the day, until we cajole him with hugs and treats,” Yin Wen says.

Loki has a colourful character. “Although he’s manja, he loves his me time. Whenever he gets overwhelmed by the presence of too many humans, he’ll crawl under the TV cabinet or in front of the main door to be by himself.

“If anyone nears him, he’ll warn us gently by growling. Yea… he’s kind of the boss sometimes.”

Loki loves car rides more than going for walks in the neighbourhood – and the front seat is reserved for him.

Yin Wen says that as much as Loki loves going for walks, he loves car rides more. “Whenever we said ‘gai gai’, which means ‘let’s go wandering’ in Cantonese, he’ll get super excited and keep jumping until we put his leash on. AND he always wants the front seat.”

She says everyone tries to wrestle him for the front seat but he always wins. “He likes to lean his head against the window, and just enjoy the view.”

When Loki isn’t going on a joyride, he is pampered with toys and treats. “But guess what? His favourite toy is a plastic bottle. He also likes squeaky balls and he’s quite a good goalkeeper.”

Loki chilling with one of his precious toys.

Unlike most dogs that eat just about anything you feed them, Loki is a picky eater. His favourite is salmon. “Once in a blue moon, we treat him with some salmon and boom, the softest and most obedient boy appears,” Yin Wen says, laughing.

Among the things Loki hates the most are big trucks and lorries. He hates them so much that he barks at them, and even runs after the truck when he’s indoors.

He also hates baths. “When it comes to bathing time, it’s always such a hassle because he puts up a fight. Thank god we found this wonderful groomer, who Loki loves. He listens to her and enjoys his grooming time with her.”

Loki lounging around and just having the time of his life at home.

Loki has learnt simple tricks like “high five”, “shake hands”, “sit”, “stay”, “all the way down” and “catch”. “He’s a smart dog and too smart sometimes,” Yin Wen says, explaining that Loki is a master manipulator.

“He knows how to manipulate us into playing with him by barking and staring intensely at us.”

Loki lounging around and just having the time of his life at home.

So loved is Loki by everyone in Yin Wen’s family that he even has his own bed in her parent’s room as well as his own blanket.

Yin Wen says Loki has been such a wonderful addition to her family and wants everyone to know how gratifying it is to adopt, not shop for a pet.

“There are many furry babies suffering out there and you can help save a life. I can 100% say that Loki has brought me so much happiness. If you can’t have a pet at the moment, I hope you’re able to donate to non-profitable organisations that help save strays.”

Among the NGOs are A Pet’s Journal and My Pet’s Haven.

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