4 solid reasons to visit the laid-back town of Bentong

The breathtaking views of Bentong’s hidden treasure called Chamang Waterfall.

Travelling down the Karak Highway from Gombak, heading towards the East Coast, most motorists tend to ignore the exit to Bentong and bypass this small town.

After all, what does a quiet, laid-back town like Bentong have to offer? It’s not really worth a stop, right?

Wrong! Bentong actually has a few attractions as it turns out — a hot spring, Lemang To’ki, the Chamang Waterfall and a great ice cream shop you’ll find hard to tear yourself away from.

1. Chamang Waterfall

Anyone visiting any town in any country wants to have fun. It does not matter if the fun is man-made or natural.

In Bentong, there is the breathtaking Chamang waterfall, perched high up on a hill. If you have the stamina to scale the hill, you’ll find the scenic views and soothing waters here well worth every muscle ache.

2. Lemang To’ki

Lemang To’ki is so famous that people line up for it over the weekends. But you’ve been warned – one bite and you’ll keep coming back for more.

What’s waiting in a long queue when there’s delicious lemang at the end of the line?

3. Kow Po Coffee Shop

Next to Lemang To’ki is Kow Po Coffee Shop in the town centre. People come all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to savour the homemade ice cream sold here.

The ice cream is so lip-smacking, there are even photos of celebrities enjoying a scoop or two here.

Even celebrities trek from KL for the ice cream at Kow Po Coffee Shop.

4. Bentong Hot Spring

The Bentong Hot Spring is just the thing you need to soothe tired muscles and relax all your cares away.

Finally, there is a hot spring on the old trunk road leading to the town and people actually come here for a dip in the hot water.

It is rumoured to have health benefits. Well, even if that’s not true, the Bentong Hot Spring is just the thing you need to soothe tired muscles and relax all your cares away.

Khai and wife Amira are Malaysian travel bloggers who blog at Kaki Jalans. Their travels have taken them to almost all the countries in Asean and five countries in Europe. They are still actively travelling and adding to this list.