Destiny, an ‘angel’ who left too soon

Destiny, the Shih Tzu mix who was loved by everyone in Devika’s family.

Devika Darshini remembers well the night she and her husband spotted Destiny under a streetlight.

“Her fur was so matted, she looked like a heap of rubbish from afar although my husband was convinced it was a dog,” Devika said.

She remembers that upon closer inspection, it was clear it was a dog. Instinctively picking her up, Devika knew immediately that this dog had been on the streets for a long time.

“Her body was infested with ticks and she was so thin, weighing only three kilograms despite being almost three years old,” Devika says.

(L): Devika with her ‘baby’ Destiny. (R): Destiny was daddy’s girl and loved to sleep on his lap for hours on end.

The couple named her Destiny and rushed her to the vet the very next morning. They were told she was a Shih Tzu-mix.

Despite being so malnourished, Destiny healed in time thanks to the care and love she received from her new “parents”, who she quickly became very attached to.

“Even though she had her own bed, Destiny preferred sleeping sandwiched between my husband and I,” Devika says.

“She also loved sleeping on my husband’s lap during car rides. In fact, she could stay snuggled on his lap for hours without moving a muscle or disturbing him.”

Although Destiny had her own bed, she preferred sleeping sandwiched between Devika and her husband.

Devika says Destiny was a joy to come home to every day. “As both my husband and I work shifts, coming back home to see her face was everything. She was more like a baby than a dog to us.”

This “baby” did not only steal the hearts of Devika and her husband but also everyone else’s in the family.

“When my father was recovering from bypass surgery for two weeks, Destiny was his constant companion,” Devika says, adding that her mother, who didn’t like the idea of having a dog in the house, made an exception with Destiny.

Destiny all dressed up for Devika’s wedding day.

“Destiny had a special place in our home. My sister was probably her godmother, sneaking in KFC when no one was looking as treats for Destiny,” Devika says.

Devika’s two brothers also loved her and all three were protective of each other.

Destiny also regarded herself more human than dog. “Destiny is probably the only dog I’ve known that hates other dogs. She wouldn’t even go near another dog, much less play with them. She would just walk away. She most likely thought she was human,” Devika says.

Devika and her husband on their wedding day with the beautiful Destiny.

“We lost her to an allergic reaction she had to some medication on Sept 26, 2019. It left all of our hearts empty but filled with memories of her time with us. It’s taken us a while to move on. It was hard to accept that she was taken away from us in such a short time.”

Devika says Destiny was such a special dog, having been with the family through good times and bad.

“From the time my husband was struggling to get a job to being in a field he now loves, she was there. As she healed and grew stronger, our financial status became better. She will always be the love of our lives,” Devika says.

(L): Looking perfectly groomed and beautiful. (R): Settling down on the sofa for an evening with her family.

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