3 spots cockroaches consider heaven in your home

Cockroaches are pesky pests that carry germs and bacteria. (File pic)

A disgusting black cockroach skittering across the floor, kitchen counter or bathroom sink can make the skin crawl. And for good reason.

Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests that can negatively affect the immune system. A house can look tidy and clean, but it could still be making cockroaches feel right at home.

1. Leaky pipes and damp areas

Leaky pipes should be repaired as quickly as possible. (Rawpixel pic)

Cockroaches need water to survive and sometimes they wander into the home looking for it.

Hence, leaky pipes or taps create the ideal environment for these pesky pests, offering excellent conditions for sheltering that are dark and damp.

Call in the plumber as soon as a pipe starts leaking in order to prevent damp building up and attracting those disgusting cockroaches to your home.

2. Not cleaning the home thoroughly

Even with regular cleaning, it is easy to overlook hidden corners which are a magnet for cockroaches. (Rawpixel pic)

Even with regular mopping and disinfecting of the floor, the places most favoured by cockroaches are often overlooked, such as beneath the fridge, stove knobs and other hidden areas.

Grease splatters or food dropping onto the stove and oven are an invitation to cockroaches to make your kitchen their playground.

Cockroaches carry a range of diseases and bacteria, including Salmonella, which can lead to food poisoning, diarrhoea and other symptoms.

In order to get rid of these nasty creatures, the home must be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. Calling in a pest control expert is another effective option.

3. Overgrown outdoor spaces

A poorly maintained garden can be a haven for cockroaches. (Pixabay pic)

If the garden is not maintained regularly, it could be harbouring cockroaches. Roaches are thirsty creatures so the flower pots in the yard can keep them hydrated.

Apart from regular weeding and tidying up, pest control experts can help with preventive measures and extermination.

Once cockroaches have invaded the home it can be hard to get rid of them. Book an expert for a pest control inspection to check for cockroaches, termites or other creepy crawlies.

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